Quick Hitter: Sean Jones

A new sort of story, a quick hitter is longer than hot news, but shorter than a normal story. One of today's quick hitter comes from October's Dawg Post cover subject Sean Jones.

Sean Jones, who is featured on the cover of October's Dawg Post Magazine, has stepped up to help lead Georgia to a 3-0 start. He says that the strength of this Georgia team is its balanced pass coverage and pass rush.

"I think that our success comes from our balance. Most teams might have a great secondary but not have a pass rush. We have both. We try to take advantage of our balance on defense," he said. Balance has lead the Dawgs to be ranked 3rd nationally in scoring defense at 5.7 points per game.

Jones said that the coaching staff's ability to put the defense in the right place at the right time has everything to do with Georgia being stingy on defense.

"When you have (balance) and great coaches preparing you for every game I think that is very beneficial to you. Coach Van Gorder got on us a little after South Carolina's first possession because they were driving on us a little bit," he said.

But Carolina scored no points on Georgia until the game was no longer in doubt. Jones said that focusing in practice is the only way that Georgia can achieve that sort of success defensively.

"We are going to treat every practice like it is the game. What you do in practice is what you do in the game. We know that every game counts in SEC play and we are just trying to keep our offense on the field. We just try to take it one play at a time and when big plays come, we take them," he said.

Many prognosticators thought that Georgia lost too much talent from last season's team to be as dominate on defense; but Jones knew that he and his teammates would have to step up in order to have the same success as last year. And they have.

"Our base core defense is back from last year. We don't have Tony Gilbert and Boss Bailey but we are just trying to step up and be leaders for the young guys," Jones added.

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