Coach Richt Discusses injured Bulldogs.

With a week off, how will the injured Bulldogs be feeling before the next big SEC Showdown with Alabama?

Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt addressed the Atlanta Touchdown Club this afternoon, and one of his topics of discussion were injuries.

"We have an open date and we need an open date," said Richt "We've been playing with injuries all year though. We hope to get Fred Gibson back when the time comes. We're hoping to get Ben Watson back too. We're not sure if we'll get Tony Milton back. Marquis Elmore should be back. Kentrell Curry: there's a chance he will be back. We have a lot of guys that will hopefully find their way back into the lineup."

"David Greene hyper extended his knee and lost some feeling in his leg from the knee down. I guess it's like hitting your funny bone real hard, something to that effect only a little bit more dramatic. That hurt him, but he came back. He won't practice at all this week, but he should be back next Monday at Practice."

"David Pollack actually may be hurting a little bit more than Greene. He had a severe thigh bruise and a severe bruise on his knee cap, but he'll be ready."

"Tony Taylor hurt his ankle. It's swollen, but not too severe. It looks like he will miss this week of practice but be back in time also."

While several of the Bulldogs limped out of Baton Rouge, Georgia looks like they could be the healthiest they've been all year against Alabama in two weeks.

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