Dawgs commitment to run will pay off in the end

Play action pass is going to be a crucial part of the Georgia offense later in the season. Will the Dawgs use their improved rushing attack to exploit teams through the air?

162 yards rushing on average per game

Everyone had fears before the season that Mark Richt would totally give up on rushing the ball in favor of the wide open passing attack that he used while at Florida State. From the statistic above, it is evident that Richt is committed to running the ball.

And for good reason.

The run can do so many things for a team, the most important of which is the play action pass. Georgia's ability to run, even against a tough South Carolina defense, led to opportunities in the play action pass arena. Those opportunities were for the most part wasted by dropped balls, but the foundation is being set for Georgia to use play action to draw the defense in, only to throw over them.

David Greene has done a great job of guiding the Georgia offense in his short time as the starter. Musa Smith's impressive early season running gives Georgia the ability to burn Arkansas this weekend.

The Hogs were unable to deal with Alabama's play action pass last weekend, so what does that mean for them this weekend?

It means not good things for our friends from the Ozarks. Arkansas has to find a way to keep their defense fresh. Because of their offense's inability to move the ball on opponents, the Arkansas defense has been forced to make plays and create turnovers.

Enter the play action pass.

Georgia will ear down Arkansas' defense with the run. And when the Hogs least expect it, boom, the play action pass will result in a touchdown. Look for it this weekend in the second quarter of the game.

Greene will fake the hand off to Smith on second and short and he will toss the ball down the field for the touchdown.

This should be something new that the Dawgs can depend on in the future. Aggressive defenses will fall for the play action pass and teams that are giving up huge rushing yards per game are also susceptible to it.

That bodes well for the Dawgs in the coming weeks with Tennessee and Florida coming up shortly on the schedule.

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