Nutt concerned about quarterbacks

<b>Ryan Sorahan</b> and <b>Zak Clark</b> lead Arkansas into Athens Saturday night. Neither has significant playing experience in the SEC.

Houston Nutt has a lot on his mind. His Hogs are 1-2 overall and are already 0-2 in the SEC. Arkansas' offense is the worst in the SEC and perhaps in the country. To top all of that Arkansas' starting quarterback Sorahan might not start or play due to an injured lower back.

"We will just have to wait and see how he progresses. There was no injury to his kidney so that is very positive. He has a very, very deep bruise in his lower back," said Nutt about Sorahan's uncertain injury situation.

Arkansas has struggled mightily on offense and now with Sorahan's injury situation things have become even gloomier for the Hog's offensive unit.

Arkansas' passing attack manages only 123 yards a game; worst in the SEC and ranking them 108th in the country. What complicates matters more for the Razorbacks is that their rushing offense, which was thought by most to be the strongest part of their team, has now become even worse than their passing offense. Arkansas averages only 50 yards a game ranking them last in the SEC and 112th nationally.

So what will Nutt do? Perhaps Clark is an option.

"He came in and threw some good balls. I'm really proud of him. He will get the nod if Sorahan is unable to play because of his back. He has always done a good job coming off the bench when we needed him. He is always in the game, talking about coverages with Ryan and myself. He is always mentally into what is happening on the field."

Even if Clark is an option it is not possible to replace a whole offensive line in one week. Last week Arkansas' line gave up seven sacks, can that be corrected? Probably not.

But Nutt explained that some of the sacks were caused by the inexperience of his quarterbacks.

"The offensive line had a couple of breakdowns and that led to three of the sacks. The other sacks it looked like the quarterback could have gotten rid of the ball a little quicker. He's got to get rid of it when no one is open."

But against Georgia, Nutt feels that Sorahan is his team's best option to win.

"Sorahan had his best game of the year for us. He was 14-of-19 and was moving the ball for us. George and Richard did a great job of getting yards after the catch. And we just felt like we got in good rhythm."

But can Sorahan get into a good rhythm again with a back injury and an aggressive defense coming after him?

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