Quick Hitters: Tyson Browning

It's the type of play that Lindsey Scott is well remembered for.

It's the type of play that Lindsey Scott is well remembered for. Unfortunately for Tyson Browning, his 93-yard touchdown in the final minutes of the game will not be as well remembered.

"Every guy that comes to college lives to make plays like that one," said Browning. "But the loss puts a real damper on it. That's college football."

Indeed. Georgia was not able to withstand poor punt coverage as LSU set up at midfield and eventually scored the winning touchdown with little time remaining. Georgia's attempt a second comeback was stopped by an LSU interception.

"We had a good plan against LSU but we did not execute very well," Browning said.

Lack of execution was the name of the game for Georgia all day long on offense until David Greene hit Browning on the screen.

"I am kind of categorized as a scat back and against LSU the coaches tried to use me where they could," said Browning who was playing his first significant minutes in a game following an early season suspension.

When asked the name of the play that Browning scored on he replied: "I don't know if I should say."

One thing that can be said is that Browning's speed has been missed in the Georgia backfield the first few games of the season. He has the longest play from the line of the scrimmage this season and is the only back that has shown thus far that he has break away speed in a game setting.

Still Browning's speed and amazing play did not prove enough as the Dawgs fell to LSU on the road.

"Last week we hurt ourselves," he said of the offense's inability to score while in the redzone. "We were put in the position to make plays, but man, we just did not do it. We just did not execute very well."

Browning and the Dawgs look to bounce back this weekend with more points in the redzone and better offensive scoring production against wounded Alabama.

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