Quick Hitters: Thomas Davis

It's not easy switching back and forth between positions in any job. But when you have to do that in front of 92,000 critics, things can become overwhelming.

But not for Georgia's Thomas Davis. While in Athens, Davis has flip flopped between both safety and linebacker. But you never hear him complain about the position changes. Instead, he just goes out and performs.

In fact, Davis' athleticism and ability to adapt quickly to change has allowed defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder to depend on him in difficult situations. Recently VanGorder attributed Davis' chameleon-like abilities on the field to his condition.

"I think that Thomas Davis is one of those guys that does not get physiologically out of shape. He's got a gift that way for sure," said VanGorder.

According to Georgia head coach Mark Richt, as gifted as Davis is it still must be difficult for the Shellman, Georgia native to be moved back and forth so much.

"Thomas is having to adjust his linebacker mentality back to the secondary," said Richt.

While Davis has had to deal with that in the past, that unexpectedly happened again early this season when Kentrell Curry began struggling with what would became an unfortunate season-ending injury. Davis, who was starting at outside linebacker was forced to move back to safety.

"He's still learning the angles," said Richt of Davis' move back to the secondary. "I think he knows his assignments. It's just a different feel for him," said the head coach.

Davis, who was very disappointed after the loss at LSU two weeks ago, said that he wished that the Dawgs had performed better against the Tigers. He said that he felt like that could have made a difference in the outcome of the game.

"I just feel like we didn't execute the way that we could have against them," said Davis.

But the loss to LSU does not hide the fact that Davis has been outstanding thus far this season while preparing mentally to play two positions. Richt says, however, that Davis won't have to worry about that too much longer.

"I know Thomas wants to go back to linebacker when it's over. He had no problem whatsoever jumping back to safety. He's done a nice job. He's certainly athlete enough to do either one of those positions," said Richt.

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