Quick Hitters: Odell Thurman

What was the one thing that Odell Thurman learned from Saturday's win over Alabama?

What was the one thing that Odell Thurman learned from Saturday's win over Alabama?

"You learn that you have to play the full 60 minutes no matter what the score is," he said.

Although Georgia was in total control of the game for the first half, Alabama jumped on the opportunities that Georgia provided. The Tide returned a David Green interception and blocked a muffed punt to score two touchdowns.

"Anything can happen. That's what Coach Richt told us at half time," said the inside linebacker.

This week Thurman and the rest of the defense must defend against Casey Clausen and the Tennessee Volunteers.

"Tennessee is a good team," he said.

Thurman said that there is one key to this week's SEC showdown.

"I just feel like every week starts with preparation and each week Coach (Brian) VanGorder prepares us to the fullest. We drill on certain things that they do and tendencies that they have. I think that we will feel good going into this game," he said.

Said Thurman of VanGorder's reaction to a penalty during the Alabama game:

"When you see the leader of the defense, your coach, fired up the way that Coach VanGorder gets sometimes, you know that he is mad and that he wants you to go hit the other team in the mouth just to get them back. He inspires us," he said.

On the remaining games of the year Thurman said:

"You know last week after we lost at LSU everybody was down and everything but Coach Richt told us to just stay focused and take it one game at a time."

Georgia still has the season in front of it and this week's Tennessee-Georgia game could very well determine the SEC East champion. But Thurman says that playing Tennessee is reason enough to be motivated and ready to play no matter if the division title is on the line or not.

"Every time that we play Tennessee it's a big game so when we go up there we are going to have to be pumped up to beat them. But the defense always brings a lot of fire to the game."

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