Quick Hitters: Jarrett Berry

Last season's team had Burt Jones leading the special teams attack. This year's seniors needed a classmate to step up and they got that this past weekend.

Going into that play I knew that there was a possibility that I could make a play," said senior Jarrett Berry of his blocked punt last weekend against Alabama.

"I just told myself: ‘If it happens you've got to come through and make the play.' When it opened up like it did I was somewhat surprised. I though that somebody would get a little hand on it or something," he said.

Yeah, a "little hand". Berry nearly amputated the punter's leg before he even had a chance to kick the ball.

"I probably could have gone through and blocked it with my hands and kept running but I just kind of threw my body on it. I wanted to make sure that I had every opportunity to get the ball," said Jarrett.

His play single-handedly turned the game into Georgia's favor for good. The tall senior from Lyons said that this year's senior class may be small but that they are the leaders of the team.

"It's a small senior class. Its 13 guys but we have great leaders in there. I think that you can see that out on the field and in practice," he said.

One of the challenges for this year's senior class, and it is a unique one, is to beat Tennessee four straight years in a row. Georgia has not done that in recent memory.

"Every game is big but Tennessee is going to be more hyped up. This is kind of for the East; it's going to determine a lot. We seniors have a lot of stuff to work on. I hope that everyone comes with the right attitude," said Berry of the importance of this weekend's game.

"We'll probably have a team meeting and the seniors will talk to the players; we have the team ready," he added.

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