Weekend thoughts: Around the SEC

Another crazy weekend for the SEC: this week the picture becomes a little clearer with Florida and South Carolina looking strong and Mississippi State and Auburn looking the weakest of the conference this weekend.

Sure revenge can be a factor, but that is not always the case in college games. Teams changes, chemistry changes, and do too did the outcome of the Florida – Mississippi State game.

Florida showed why it is the best team in the conference Saturday when the embarrassed State. The mighty Gators beat State like a government mule. Earlier in the season I found it hard to believe that Florida would run through the conference with no problems, but now my thinking has changed. Florida is without a doubt the best team in the conference.

The second best team right now seems to be South Carolina. If the Cocks don't win the conference this season, I don't know if they ever will. You need luck in order to have a special season, and already the Cocks have had enough of that for two seasons to come.

Carolina did not win the game Saturday as much as they stuck around waiting for Bama to fumble. And that is exactly what happened.

In order for the Cocks to win, they need turnovers. They must have them. Without the turnovers Carolina is just a 7-4 or 6-5 team. Their offense can not muster enough of a strike to be powerful. It seems that the best way to use Derek Watson is moving him out of the backfield to wide out just before the snap. This causes mismatches and problems for the defenses that Carolina plays. The Cocks should go to Tennessee undefeated.

Auburn struggled mightily with Vanderbilt. The way that Auburn made it look easy in the first three quarters against Ole Miss a few weeks ago had me thinking that the Tigers could challenge for the West. But with the recent loss to Syracuse and the poor play at Vandy, it now appears that this will be a rebuilding year on the plains.

LSU and Tennessee played a very physical game. Tennessee lost Will Overstreet due to an injury. He is not likely to play in the Georgia game. Although the Vols escaped with a win at home, it is clear that this UT team is not one that will be winning the conference title, at least not the way that they are playing right now.

With that said it is time for the weekly SEC rankings:


1. Florida – wow, what a pounding on MSU

2. South Carolina – they just pull it out of their (I won't go there yet)

3. Tennessee – good win over LSU, but did the Tigers beat them up too much?

3.Georgia – the only way that the Dawgs escape a 4th place in the East is a win in Knoxville

5. Vandy – though call on who's better, but for now Vandy

6. Kentucky – Cats are showing improvement, too bad its too late.


1. LSU – with all of the teams in the West with a loss, save Auburn, no one has stepped up to be the best yet. The Tigers are it thus far.

2. Bama – they gave that game away against USC Saturday. And that one really hurts their chances to win the West.

3. Auburn – Auburn must get better, their struggles of the last two weeks are not getting it done.

4. Mississippi – Ole Miss, this season is the season if the Rebels want to sneak up on someone and win the West.

5. State – how could I possibly rank them higher than 5th with no wins in the SEC and the way that Florida pounded them?

6. Arkansas – the only reason that the Hogs are not higher is because they have one more loss than State. This is a decent Arkansas team. But they are missing talent in all of the wrong places.

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