Quick Hitters - Brian VanGorder

It's not really a surprise that Brian VanGorder was not totally satisfied with his defense's performance on Saturday.

Georgia fans have come to know that Brian VanGorder wants perfection every time that his defense hits the field.

"Well," he said, "we played hard but we still made some fundamental mistakes that lead to a couple of drives."

There in lies the thinking behind the leader of this Georgia defense.

On a night where Georgia became the number one defense in the country (allowing only 255.2 yards per game) after a 41-14 win over Tennessee there were still things that needed to be worked on. VanGorder would like perfection on every play.

Early in the game it appeared that perfection was going to be impossible to achieve. Tennessee scored a touchdown on a play but it was called back because of a holding penalty.

"We blew a major coverage that play. Thank goodness that they were called for holding on the play," said VanGorder.

David Pollack caused the marker to be thrown.

"David Pollack comes to play. He is a football player. You never have to worry about him being ready. You never have to be concerned with what kind of intensity that he is going to bring to the battle," VanGorder said of his All-American defensive end.

"You are always striving for perfection. Realistically you are not going to get that. We kept things to a minimum against Tennessee. We gave up the one big play that was a touchdown and that was disappointing," he said.

Still, shutting down one of you biggest rivals in what may have been the deciding game in the SEC East is dominating football. But, again, VanGorder strives for more.

"We had far too many penalties during the game," VanGorder added.

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