Man-Mountain Abbott Knows 4 Visits

<b>Courtney Abbott</b> has set 3 of his 5 official visits, and he knows the 4th. Who is in contention for the 5th official visit?

Man-Mountain Courtney Abbott, all 6-8 and 330 pounds of him, is not wasting any time setting up his official visits. He went to Kentucky on September 29th, and he will be headed to Virginia this weekend for the Cavs game against FSU. He has also set up a visit with LSU (1/23).

"I've gotten those three visits set up," said Abbott. "Florida State will also get a visit. My Top 7 right now is Kentucky, LSU, Florida State, Virginia, Clemson, Auburn, and Georgia."

With his mind made up on four visits, that leaves Clemson, Auburn, and Georgia battling for the last official. However, Abbott seems to have set up his visits right. The three schools left in contention for the last visit, are the three closest to home, and it wouldn't be surprising to see Abbott visit all three of them unofficially at least once. He has already visited Georgia several times unofficially, and he was at Auburn for the game vs. Tennessee.

Abbott is a member of South Hot 100 and the Georgia Hot 100. He has yet to scratch the surface of his potential.

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