#1 Defensive End Interactive Chat Recap Q&A

The #1 DE in the country by TheInsiders.com, and Georgia Commitment <b>Charles Johnson</b> joined the Dawgpost Chat for a 30 minute Q&A with the members of the Dawgpost. Here is a recap of yesterday's chat.

The format for the chat was as follows: Charles Johnson was on the telephone with Southeastern Recruiting Analyst Scott Kennedy. Scott fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Charles. Charles then answered, and Scott relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

The following transcript is an edited version of the chat dialogue to appear in a much easier to read Q&A format.

AIPdawg: Charles what, made  you choose UGA?
Charles Johnson: I chose Georgia, because I liked what Mark Richt has done, and I liked the atmosphere there for my first game, that was Georgia and Georgia Tech game last year

bhdawg: Does your team play Irwin co this yr?
Charles Johnson: No we don't play Irwin.

byoungjr: How is your season going this year?
Charles Johnson: byoung - We're 5-0, I probably have about two sacks, 30 or 40 tackles, 200 yards rushing and 5 touchdowns. 

AIPdawg: Have the talked to you about redshirting?
Charles Johnson: AIP- We haven't really talked about redshirting, hopefully I'll get to play, but If I have to redshirt it will be all right with me.

bhdawg: what games will you attend the rest of the yr?
Charles Johnson: I am going to come to probably Georgia/Auburn for an official visit. I want to go to the Auburn/Alabama game. I want to go to a Florida game too.

AIPdawg: Any chance at RB or DE all the way?
Charles Johnson: My home is Defensive end and hopefully I'll get to stay out there

byoungjr: Being at a small school, do you find yourself having to play multiple positions all the time?
Charles Johnson: I like playing both ways, and I like playing all different positions

bhdawg: Have you talked to any other players about attending Ga?
Charles Johnson: I talked to Marquis Elmore about coming to Georgia... prospects- I've talked to Michael Grant, Eric McLendon, Calvin Johnson, and A.J. Bryant

bhdawg: Are you still a solid commit to GA?
Charles Johnson: I'm still solid.. I think I've earned the right to take some official visits though

bdaball24: Charles, welcome to the bulldog nation, glad to have you, Question: Have you talked with other possible recruits about coming to UGA?
Charles Johnson: I think Eric and Michael Johnson might end up at Georgia

byoungjr: What game on your schedule are you looking forward too?
Charles Johnson: Dooly County, and hopefully we can meet Clinch County again in the playoffs

AK Dawg: Charles, are you friends with Brandon Miller? Are you helping recruiting him? 
Charles Johnson: I've never met Brandon Miller, I've just heard about him and he's the real deal.

thedogfather: Is your knee OK? I heard it got a little banged up.
Charles Johnson: I'm ok, it was my ankle, I missed Taylor and this week's game against Wilcox, but I'll be back next week

scrappy: What coaches have impressed you during the recruiting process?
Charles Johnson:  The DE coach from Georgia (Fabris) is real good. I like the weight lifting coach from Auburn (Yoxall), and I like the head coach at Tennessee (Fulmer).

bhdawg: What did Calvin Johnson tell you about GA?
Charles Johnson: He was like, "I'd like to come here, but I want to look at some other schools too"

thedogfather: What do you think of the possibility of playing opposite David Pollack some next year?
Charles Johnson: (laughs), I don't know man, David Pollack is an All-American, he's the real deal, I would feel real good doing that

BeatGAHaters: Have UGA talked about a specific position for you?
Charles Johnson: they're talking DE really, but they say I can play any where I want to.. like linebacker or fullback, but I like defensive end

AIPdawg: How does it make you feel to be rated the #1 DE in the country by TheInsiders?
Charles Johnson:  It's good, but it's a lot of pressure. Teams are kind of coming at you.

DawgPharm: Can we expect some kill shots or flesh bombs from you next year?
Charles Johnson: yeah, you can expect a lot of those -(laughs)

FredGoDeep: What's in your CD player right now?
Charles Johnson: 350 Mafia, I listen to a lot of mixed CD's, Cadillac Boys and OE

pcbdawg: Do you know Eric McLendon?
Charles Johnson: Yes, I think that's another high school All-American, he's big and, and he's fast

Brazilian Dawg: Charles, are you facing or did you face any negative recruiting strategy from some schools? 
Charles Johnson: Not really, most schools were real good about it, they said they'd be happy for me wherever I went.

courierdawg: Who's the best player you've played against?
Charles Johnson:  I'd have to say, that running back from Fitzgerald last year (Kevious Johnson?).

AK Dawg: Charles, what is your current height and weight?
Charles Johnson: I am 6-3 and 255 pounds right now

Brazilian Dawg: Charles, Who is your favorite team and player in NFL?
Charles Johnson: Tennessee Titans and Javon Kearse or TJ Duckett

Ak Dawg: Charles, is your HS team going to compete for a state championship this year?
Charles Johnson: I hope so, there are a lot of good teams, Landmark, Clinch, Gordon Lee.... (he said a few more).

bhdawg: When you visited Athens, what impressed you the most about the campus?
Charles Johnson: it was beautiful, especially the way they have a new academic building, they put a lot money into it

DawgPharm: What's your favorite move against an O lineman?
Charles Johnson: (Laughs) Outside speed rush with an inside spin. Once you get the inside you have a clean shot at the QB.

bdaball24: Was the newly renovated locker oom very impressive?
Charles Johnson: yes it was, they had a couple of Playstation 2's, TV's all over the place, sofa chairs all over the place where you can just chill, that was probably the best part (of my visit) right there.

AK Dawg: Charles, do you watch all the UGA games on TV, when you aren't at Sanford? 
Charles Johnson: Yeah, I watch all their games on TV

AK Dawg: Charles, do you consider yourself a high motor guy like Pollack?
Charles Johnson: I play full speed all the time

DawgPharm: Getting double teamed a lot this year?
Charles Johnson: They can't really double team me, because we have a lot of good players. My Cousin Brandon Perry is next to me, and he's about 295, and you can't double team both of us.
thedogfather: Can you play basketball? Felton is kind of running low on bodies he could always use an extra.
Charles Johnson:  yeah, I play basketball...

We would like to thank Charles Johnson for joining us this evening, and we would like to thank the Members of The Dawgpost for coming by as well! Look for more chats with prospects through the season.

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