Quick Hitters - Odell Thurman

Georgia is going into the stretch run of the season with multiple championships on the line. One of the reasons that the Dawgs have had so much success is the performance of the defense.

One of the leaders of the defense is sophomore Odell Thurman. He says that the defense is playing solid.

"As a defense we were playing well but it's a team game," he said.

Georgia's offense was not able to turn it on last week against Vanderbilt until the 2nd half. "The offense had to step it up a notch and we had to stick together and not look down on anyone," said Thurman of the team's attitude during the game.

"Two points is not that bad," added Thurman regarding the team's halftime deficit last weekend.

"We are all a team," he said. "When we are playing bad and the offense is putting points on the board it motivates us. If one side of the ball is playing well and the other isn't it just motivates us. We try to pick one another up."

But the truth is that the defense has rarely played sub-par this season. In fact the defense is so dominating that the Dawgs are the number one defense in the country allowing only 249 yards a game.

Thurman says that being the number one defense in the nation is "a motivator."

"If you are the #1 defense you have to hold it down you can't go out there and look bad on a Saturday if you are the number one defense," he said.

The few times when the Georgia defense has not totally stopped the opposition is when the 1st team has retired for the day and turned the defensive duties over to the number two unit.

When asked if the 1st team defense gets upset if the 2nd team defense gives up a late touchdown in a blowout game, Thurman responded: "We get upset. Coach VanGorder teaches us that if the first team can go out there and do it then why can't the 2nd team?"

"He feels like everyone should be on the same level. They just need to get a little bit more mature and they will be alright," he said.

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