Tennessee Game Press Conference Quotes

Read quotes from Tuesday's press conference with Georgia Head Coach Mark Richt.

Opening Remarks:
"We've talked an awful lot about being disciplined in what we do. We won the game last week and we were happy about it. And then you look at the tape and see what could have been. The penalties were not very good. A lot of them were foolish penalties. And we still shot ourselves in the foot enough offensively to keep us from clicking like we want to. I told the guys we have to do a better job of being disciplined on what we do and that will be what we work on the most this week.

"Tennessee is certainly an outstanding team. They are ranked very high and should be, and they are sitting where we would like to be one day. The only way you can get to where you are going is to beat those kinds of teams and so that will be our plan."

On defending against the pass: "The thing that Tennessee has is a strong running game and when you have a strong running game you cannot spend all day helping a corner with safety help and double coverage and things like that. I think we have to mix it up. I think if we lineup and play man coverage on any down then it would be rough on any corner especially with the emergence of (Tennessee wide receiver Kelley) Washington. I think we will have to help at times and then when you do you hope that you don't get burned too bad by the running game and so that will be a challenge."

On Tennessee wide receiver Kelley Washington: "Just watching him you can see that physically he is superior to most college players around the nation. The way he runs and the way he moves and the sheer size of him, and then we saw him do some things where you could tell he was a big-time talent. It did not surprise me at all that he broke out because he is as good looking a receiver physically as I can remember seeing."

On last week's defensive performance: "Very inconsistent ... I don't know if we played as hard as we did in the South Carolina game. Arkansas took advantage of some of our man coverage. They got good matchups and threw the ball well and made plays."

On the team's injury situation: "Of course (linebacker Will) Witherspoon is out, (linebacker Ryan) Fleming is doubtful, and (wide receiver) Reggie Brown is out for the year. (Tavarus) Morgan will get back into the mix at receiver and I think that (running back) Kenny Bailey is ready to go again."

On if the outcome of the Georgia-Tennessee game affects recruiting: "I don't think on a that-year basis (it affects) recruiting ... I think on a long-term basis if you lose two, three, four years in a row then I think it does affect your recruiting. But I think for that particular year it is not necessarily true."

On the confidence of the team: "I think they believe they can win. They know it is going to take a heckuva effort to get it done, but I think that they believe. I think some of them need to work on their confidence and the abilities period. I think some of them are better than they think they are if they would be more disciplined in what they do and be more consistent in how they play, but I think these guys believe they can do it."

On the team's focus: "(South Carolina) was a big game and this is a big game. I felt last week was a big game and it was. We are just trying to get them focused on what they have to do and that is the big thing. I don't think you have to do a lot of motivating for a game like this. I think they are going to be motivated. I think our jobs as coaches is to make sure they know what they are doing. I think naturally they will be excited about playing the game."

On Tennessee's defensive line: "They are very big inside and very talented and deep. They have some powerful defensive players. (Defensive tackle John)Henderson I think is as good as he wants to be on any given down. I know that one guy cannot block him and not very often two guys can block him very well and so I think it will matter on what kind of condition is he in and how long can he play before he needs a breather. Hopefully we can get him to the point where he is tired and they have to sub for him some, but he is a very talented player."

On Tennessee's secondary: "They have great athletes and they are versatile in what they can do. They have just about every coverage you can think of, but because of the pressure they can put on you with the four-man rush you cannot hold the ball as long. If they get pressure on you with a four-man rush then it will be a long day."

On the importance of quarterback David Greene having a good game last week: "It is big. If he would have had a terrible performance then it would have made everybody a little shaky in his confidence and the entire offense's confidence. I think Greene has played lights out in every ballgame and he has been getting better every week. Now we will see how he reacts to the adversity of the crowd and being away from home."

On first road trip of the year: "This is my first trip to Knoxville and so it will be interesting. It's also Greene's first trip to Knoxville and a few other guys' first trip to Knoxville and so we have to see how we will react to that. And the fact it is the first away game we have to go through the little logistical headaches that you have to go through. Those little things will be new for us."

On wide receivers Terrence Edwards and Fred Gibson: "Terrence needed to have a good game for him and for us and I was proud of the way he played but he can still be better than he is and he knows that and he is working toward that and he is practicing toward being a great player. I was glad to see Fred Gibson have those returns and get some snaps. I was glad to see him have some positive things happen because he is going to have to play a lot now."

On Tennessee quarterback Casey Clausen: "He is gaining the confidence and experience and he is surrounded by a bunch of really good players. A quarterback surrounded by a lot of good players is going to look good and then if the quarterback himself is a great player then you have problems and he is growing into becoming a great player considering the amount of time he has played thus far."

Ben Watson, TE, RSo.
On playing on the road: "It's going to be a hostile environment, especially in a place like Tennessee. It's the first trip (to Tennessee) for a lot of us. I'm looking forward to it, it's going to be fun. We've been at home a long time. On the road we have to concentrate even more."

On Georgia's offense:
"We're starting to click a little more. We know we're going to get better. We've got to play as perfect as we can. We can't have any dropped balls, missed assignments or penalties against a team like Tennessee."

David Greene, QB, RFr.
On the offense: "In order to be able to throw the ball good, we have to have a good running game too. We're going to have to execute. We can't have penalties like we've had. We just need to play good football."

On playing at Tennessee:
"It's just another game. Even when we're at home, you can't worry about outside things. We just have to worry about the game and what it takes to win." Jon Stinchcomb, OT, Jr.

On Tennessee's defense:
"They're a very talented defense. I don't think you can pinpoint any one weakness. It comes down to us what we can do as an offense. The defensive line for Tennessee is unlike any other. They're a very talented group. They're a bunch of guys that really get after it. It will be a challenge for the offensive line."

On the game:
"It's the Georgia-Tennessee rivalry. Last year, we we're fortunate to come out with a win. They might have the vengeance factor, but it's a new season and two new teams. It's an SEC match-up. There's a lot more at stake than revenge." "The offensive line needs to step up. We need to give (David Greene) and the running backs the protection they need to get the job done." Josh Mallard, DL, Sr.

On the game:
"You need to have confidence when playing any SEC game. We need to concentrate on the game plan. Everyone needs to do their job."

On last week's game and the penalties:
"Last week was a sloppy game. A lot of people use the excuse of having three weeks off. We're not using that as an excuse. We just need to work hard and get better."

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