Georgia's youth faces a challenge

<b>Mark Richt</b> takes Georgia on the road for the first time this season. How will freshman quarterback <b>David Greene</b> react? Can Georgia's offense find a way to put points on the board against the 3rd best defense in the country?

There is no doubt that Tennessee is very skilled on defense. The Vols are the number three overall defense in the country. They are the top rated defense in the SEC. Although somewhat banged up, the Tennessee defense is well-rested. Tennessee has played the least amount of downs on defense of any other team in the SEC with only 168.

At the same time, there is no doubt that Georgia is young in all of the wrong places on offense. Georgia is lead by a freshman quarterback that has no road experience in college. Of Georgia skill position players, none are seniors, and the majority of them are sophomores or younger.

How is it possible for an inexperienced Georgia offense to compete against such a talented and rested defense?

"Georgia's offensive team is balanced. David Greene does a good job throwing the ball and getting into the offense. They're into the no-huddle a lot, and we need to get our fans involved in helping disrupt that some. They have a very talented receivers corps," said Tennessee Head Coach Phil Fulmer.

"They're a very talented defense. I don't think you can pinpoint any one weakness," said Georgia's Jon Stinchcomb of the talented Vols.

Tennessee seems to have the advantage in every aspect of this game. Tennessee's Fulmer has been at Tennessee for 105 games. That is exactly 102 more games than Georgia's suddenly young Mark Richt.

Georgia fell victim earlier this season to a team with more experience, South Carolina. The Cocks, led by senior quarterback Phil Petty and Head Coach Lou Holtz, knocked off the Dawgs in a game that was not decided until the last drive.

Will the same thing happen against the Vols? Will Georgia play Tennessee close, only to lose in the end because of the Vols' experience?

Speaking of youth, there is one match up, Georgia's Greene vs. the Tennessee defense, that is particularly one-sided in terms of experience.

Greene, making his first road start of his career, seemed relaxed at Tuesday's press conference. "It's just another game. Even when we're at home, you can't worry about outside things. We just have to worry about the game and what it takes to win."

But how will Greene be able to handle playing on the road against a Tennessee defense that is expected to start a combined 9 seniors and juniors on defense?

Richt has faith in his quarterback, " I think Greene has played lights out in every ballgame and he has been getting better every week. Now we will see how he reacts to the adversity of the crowd and being away from home."

But the Vol crowd will be the least of Greene's concern. Tennessee is second in the conference in sacks; the Vols have recorded 10 sacks this season in 3 games. However, the Vols will be without Will Overstreet this weekend against the Dawgs. Overstreet has 2.5 sacks and 13 tackles this year.

"If they get pressure on you with a four-man rush then it will be a long day," said Richt of Tennessee's defense.

Stinchcomb also indicated that the Dawgs need to step up in order to give Greene protection during the game.

"They're a very talented defense. I don't think you can pinpoint any one weakness. It comes down to us what we can do as an offense. The defensive line for Tennessee is unlike any other. They're a very talented group. They're a bunch of guys that really get after it. It will be a challenge for the offensive line."

Youth meets experience this weekend in Knoxville.

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