Quick Hitters - Ben Watson

Watson and the rest of the Dawgs finally have something to focus on: Florida and the SEC East title.

As a senior, Ben Watson knows how significant that the Florida game is for Georgia. But knowing the importance has not translated into wins over the Gators in the past 5 years.

"The Florida game is so important to this program," said Watson after Georgia's unimpressive 16-13 win over UAB.

"I don't know what the overall record is but we have not beaten them since I have been here;" he said.

Why is the Florida game so critical to Georgia's program? "It's important for recruiting and getting our program to the next level. We need to be able to knock off the big dogs and Florida has been the team that has ruled Georgia and the SEC for a long time," said Watson.

Not only has Florida ruled Georgia; the Gators have prevented the Dawgs from accomplishing many goals including winning a national title last season. Having already lost to LSU, a team that Florida beat, Georgia cannot afford any more slip-ups if they hope to play in the Sugar Bowl this season.

"As far as nationally goes, you can't lose a game and expect to be in the national picture," said Watson

That nearly happened Saturday.

But with the UAB and Vanderbilt performances behind them, Georgia looks to conquer a team that has given them so much grief in the past.

"It's hard to explain," said Watson of the reason why Florida has beaten Georgia so much lately. "I don't know if you would call it a jinx or what. For whatever reason we have not been able to beat them."

"I wouldn't say that they have been a better team than we have but they have found a way to execute. Every day that we have played them has been their day," he said.

Going into the biggest game of the season, Watson said that he thinks that Florida will feel like they have an advantage.

"They are going to think that we are a beatable team," said Watson when asked about Georgia's play lately. "And we are beatable; and they are too," he said.

"If I am watching the video and I am (a Florida player) I am thinking 'Georgia has a lot of weaknesses and a lot of inconsistencies,'" said Watson.

"If I played for Florida I would be encouraged looking at the film," said Watson.

Earlier in the season it appeared that Georgia had locked up the SEC East when they beat Tennessee in Knoxville. But Florida overcame early season struggles to beat both Arkansas and LSU on the road. At the same time Georgia has struggled with Vanderbilt and Alabama-Birmingham.

Suddenly momentum seems to be in Florida's favor going into Jacksonville.

The Gators have dominated Georgia in the last decade; Florida is playing better than Georgia right now; and the Dawgs are dealing with a ridiculous about of injuries.

"It's just the nature of football to be banged up," said Watson of the injuries. "Hopefully we will get some guys back but if not we'll play hard with what we have."

Watson says that with the injuries and bad play of late from the Dawgs that practice will likely be very intense this week. According to Watson, Georgia wants to get it right before they go to Jacksonville.

"It will probably be more intense because Florida is a team who we have not been able to defeat in the last several years. We will definitely be focused for this game," said Watson.

That would be a change because Georgia has not been focused lately. Lackluster efforts against UAB and Vanderbilt in consecutive weeks prove that.

But now Watson and the rest of the Dawgs finally have something to focus on: Florida and the SEC East title.

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