Dawgpost Subscribers Monday night. Here is a re-cap of last night's action."> Dawgpost Subscribers Monday night. Here is a re-cap of last night's action.">

Interactive Chat Re-Cap with UGA Commit

Big, Bad, <b>Michael Brown</b> dropped by the Dawgpost for a chat with the <a href="https://secure.theinsiders.com/store/view.aspx?s=135&p=6">Dawgpost Subscribers</a> Monday night. Here is a re-cap of last night's action.

The format for the chat was as follows: Michael Brown was on the telephone with Southeastern Recruiting Analyst Scott Kennedy. Scott fielded questions from members of the Dawgpost in the chat room, and relayed them to Michael. Michael then answered, and Scott relayed the answers back to the members of the Dawgpost via the chat room.

The following transcript is an edited version of the chat dialogue to appear in a much easier to read Q&A format.

: Welcome to Dawg nation Michael Brown!

AlDog: What factors led you to commit to UGA?
Michael Brown: Really I just like the coaching and the players, at Georgia they are real down to earth, I like the atmosphere, the fans are real live and it will keep me pumped in the game.

AK Dawg: Mike, do the coaches want you on Oline or Dline?
Michael Brown: they want me at defensive line; I like playing defensive line better too

thedogfather: How early did you know that you wanted to be a Dawg?
Michael Brown: Really my mom has been telling me that she wanted to go to Georgia, and I was feeling it to with Georgia

BigDawg21: Mike is Courtney Abbott going to visit UGA with you?
Michael Brown: Yeah, I think he is

byoungjr: What do you consider your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
Michael Brown: My biggest strength is coming off the ball fast, I think that's my edge against the offensive lineman, what I need to work on the most is not showing my hand (not giving away his rushes before the snap).

bdaball24: what is your playing weight right now?
Michael Brown:  right now I weigh 266

DAWGWILD2: Do other schools still call you?  If so, who calls the most besides UGA?
Michael Brown: LSU, Florida, Alabama, and Auburn still call me

DAWGWILD2: Did you run into any negative recruiting?  What schools did it?
Michael Brown: Not really, every school I talked to, they just wanted me to come to their school.

byoungjr: Who was the best player you have faced this year?
Michael Brown: I have to say #71 from Douglass (Jarrod Wynn) he came at me the whole game.

BigDawg21: Mike-What players are you helping recruit for UGA?
Michael Brown: I'm really recruiting Shack (Abbott), I think that's basically about it right now...

byoungjr: Growing up, what Colleges did you like?
Michael Brown: Probably Florida State

bdaball24: Mike, do you have a nickname?
Michael Brown: Nickname is either "Big Mike" or "Big Baby". (I call him Big Bad Brown - SK).

DAWGWILD2: What schools are the "cool" schools these days that all the kids at school like?
Michael Brown: It's probably Miami.

AlDog: Mike, what CD is in your player right now?
Michael Brown: 50 Cent

DAWGWILD2: Do you own any throwback jerseys?  What teams?
Michael Brown: I have Pistol Pete and Michael Jordan's North Carolina Jersey.

thedogfather: Who is your favorite UGA player?
Michael Brown: Sean Jones (graduated from Westlake when Mike was in the 8th Grade)

bdaball24: Mike was the new locker room impressive?
Michael Brown: Yes, it's the best one I've seen

BigDawg21: Are you gonna visit any other schools?
Michael Brown:  I told Georgia I would probably visit LSU and Florida

byoungjr: Are you ready for the playoffs this year?
Michael Brown: We're ready, and we want to see TCC in the championship game.

AlDog: Which of the UGA coaches have impressed you the most?
Michael Brown: Coach Garner - he's just straight up forward with you

thedogfather: Did you look up to Sean Jones when he signed with UGA when you were in eighth grade?
Michael Brown: I didn't really know him, but I watched him play.

DAWGWILD2: Do you play any other sports?
Michael Brown: I play basketball and baseball... I play pitcher and 1st base

scsIIIdawg: Any prediction on UGA Fl this weekend?
Michael Brown: I hope Georgia wins... we should win. Florida has a young defensive team

byoungjr: Who do you consider y'alls biggest rival?
Michael Brown: I would have to say Tri-Cities

thedogfather: Can you take Abbott in practice in drills?
Michael Brown: Oh Yeah, Scott, you should probably ask Courtney that to see what he says (laughs)

We would like to thanks Michael Brown and the members of the Dawgpost for turning out for another great chat!

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