Quick Hitters - Bryan McClendon

Looking past teams is what Georgia has done best lately. But that will change when Georgia plays Florida to essentially win the SEC Eastern title.

One player that has had to step up his game during contests with UAB and Vanderbilt is Bryan McClendon. He said that focusing on Florida will be no problem.

"I think that it will be real easy for this team to get up for Florida compared to the last couple of games," he said. "UAB made it real hard to go through the motions like we have been doing." Georgia nearly lost to the Blazers last week.

McClendon said that the last two weeks have been difficult because people just assumed that Georgia would easily win.

"It is just easier for us to get up for a game like Florida, not saying that UAB and Vanderbilt are not big games, but there is not a lot of hype around them like there is with Florida," he said.

"I think that there will be a lot of hype surrounding the game. There will be a lot of publicity and everyone will be going down there early," McClendon said.

"We have our fall break this week and there are going to be a lot of students down there. Its going to be a really pumped up environment," he added.

The atmosphere surrounding the game in Jacksonville is always electric. It will be totally different from the last two weeks in Nashville and Athens. Much of the reason that the feeling of the game is so different is because of the importance of the game between the two rivals.

"We are trying to control the East and we know that we have to go through Florida. That should make it easier to focus in on Florida and not look anywhere else," he said.

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