Quick Hitters - David Pollack

The heart and soul of the Georgia defense has been banged up a little bit lately.

David Pollack's non-stop motor has been slowed a little by a nagging knee injury but his focus this week is on Florida.

"We have had a bad streak but it's hard for us to look at it because there have probably been 4 different coaching staffs. We don't look at it like ‘wow, we are losing to them every year.' We have to go out there and take care of business," Pollack said.

Georgia has lost 12 of its last 13 games against the Gators. Florida could be helped towards one more game if Georgia can not deal with mounting injuries on Saturday. Pollack, however, makes no excuses.

"We have a lot of guys beat up; but that happens. Its football its not golf. People have to step up and you have to find strength somewhere. A lot of guys are drained and that happens but guys have to step up and make plays and do what we have to do," he said.

But he said that he does miss his teammates that are out for the season. The most recent addition to the Red Cross list is cornerback Decory Bryant.

"They are your brothers and you care about them; they are people that you have fought with and they are battle tested and shining like they are supposed to and its just like they get ripped out of your huddle and ripped out of your life for a while. It's kind of frustrating but God has a plan; God has a purpose," said Pollack.

How can Georgia finally beat Florida, even with all of the injuries?

"All we are going to try to do is come out and play with a lot of energy. We get tired but people all around the nation are tired so you have to suck it up. In a game of this magnitude everyone will suck it up and play as hard as they can. We know that we have to play better if we are going to take care of a good Florida team this week," Pollack said.

Pollack said that he does not care how Florida will have to adjust and prepare for new Georgia personnel; he just wants a win.

"I don't really care how Florida looks at us; we have to get ready for them. We can't leave without expending every single ounce of energy that we have. The SEC East is at stake. This is for whoever is going to be in the driver's seat. It's huge. It's a big momentum game. We have to come out there and win," he said.

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