Vols call Dawgs "cowards"

Georgia beat Tennessee for the second time in a row on Saturday, but not without some extracurricular activities after the game.

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A midfield skirmish between Georgia and the Vols broke out after Tennessee's player did not like Georgia's players taking the center of the field away from them after the game.

Get over it Tennessee.

This happens everywhere now. South Carolina did it after they beat Georgia in September. Florida does every time that they beat Tennessee, and now apparently Georgia does it now too.

What did the Vols have to say about this new silliness in the SEC?

The Knoxville News-Sentinel reported that Tennessee's Fred Weary said this about the events after the game:

"That just shows they have a bunch of cowards on their football team. I hate that we lost. That's our fault, but they were disrespecting us. There was a lot of anger because of that."

"They don't have any real men on their team. We weren't going to let them come into our house and do that. I don't know what (Georgia's) coaches teach them, but they need to step back and look at themselves. They aren't a bunch of men over there. That's just total disrespect."

They don't have any real men on their team.

- Tennessee's Fred Weary talking about the Georgia players

"They're a bunch of ... I'm not going to say what they are. Georgia did some cowardice stuff out there after the game."

Jabari Davis and now Fred Weary have had some tough words for the Dawgs in the past few days. But both know, and this hurts them the most, that Georgia has now moved past Tennessee for the second season in a row.

It seems odd that a team as talented and as good as Tennessee is would lose two seasons in a row to a team full of cowards that are aiming to get to the Peach Bowl.

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