Georgia keeps looking good

My eyes hurt from watching the replays of the game so many times; my ears continue to hear the symphony that is Larry Munson.

Scott Howard sounds great too
Howard is no Larry Munson, but he has become the salt to Munson's pepper; the oil to Munson's vinegar; the jelly to Munson's peanut butter. Larry Munson is great by himself, but along with Howard, Munson has been able to stay in his prime well into his umpteenth year as Georgia announcer.

Howard's groans about the officials and about the game itself are becoming, to me, as classic as Munson's legendary calls.

Fred Gibson becomes a playmaker
It appears that this "tall glass of water", as Coach Vince Dooley used to say, is becoming a serious threat not only in the special teams game, but also in the passing game. Gibson has the potential to be a big time playmaker in this offense. His down field blocking will continue to improve, and with that he will become an even more difficult player to defend.

Kicking game just fine, thank you
Billy Bennett and Jonathon Kilgo are the best kicking combo in the conference right now. No, you don't need to go to the SEC homepage to check the stats, they get the job done when they need to. Kilgo consistently buried the Vols inside their own 5, making it nearly impossible for the orange shirts to drive the ball.

Bennett, an Athens native, was called on to give Georgia the lead late into the game, and he did it, thank you very much. It was the second time this season that Bennett has given the Dawgs the lead late. This time the Dawgs made it stick.

Damien Gary's punt return was just outstanding. It took the breath away from the Neyland faithful and forced Larry Munson to say "Hey". Munson said that he didn't know what to say about the return. Indeed it was a pleasant surprised; it kept the Dawgs in the game.

Tim Wansley is not only an outstanding defensive back, he is also a great special teams player. Wansley prevented Kilgo's kicks from falling into the endzone twice. Wansley also helped Bruce Thornton keep his focus through the game. It was noticeable, as Tennessee was not able to pick on Thornton the same way that Arkansas did last week.

Mark Richt does not care
Don't take that the wrong way, it's just that Richt does not seem to care when or where the Dawgs are, he wants them to "Finish the Drill". Certainly "Finish the Drill" will be the battle cry for seasons to come. I am afraid that it could take a year or three to "Finish the Drill" the way that the Dawgs would really want, but the Drill looked awfully good on Saturday.

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