Georgia Press Conference

Mark Richt spoke to the media Tuesday afternoon.

Georgia head football coach Mark Richt: - LISTEN to Audio Clip

"We were very happy with the victory last week. It was very exciting. Again, I want to pay tribute to our seniors for the leadership. The whole team, everyone has done a good job all year. Getting a victory like that really validates that. Then we looked at the tape and there were so many mistakes. There's so many things we can improve on. We have a lot of work to do today. If we can keep getting better, we can really be a good football team."

On Vanderbilt:  
"Vanderbilt has had a couple of weeks to prepare for us which makes me nervous. With a defensive minded coach, I'm very concerned about that. Zolman does a great job throwing the football around. I've heard they've had some trouble catching the ball so his numbers aren't as big, but our defensive coaches say he's really talented. The running has done a great job. They have a balanced attack, enough to make you play them straight up."

"They're a good football team. Coach Widenhofer thinks it's his best since he's been there and he's had some good teams."

On preparing for Saturday's game:  
"We're going to work on a lot of fundamentals. We have plenty of things to work on. The theme is going to be to try to try and get better as a football team."

"People have been trying to tell me not to overlook these guys. I've never been in the habit of overlooking anybody. I try to approach each game the same way."

On David Greene:  
"I predicted that he would be able to handle (the pressure of playing in an environment like at Tennessee) some day, but I didn't know it would be Saturday. It's just the kind of kid he is. I liked him from the beginning. I liked his demeanor from the beginning. I liked how he studied. I liked the way he would go through progressions and reads. I liked how he was doing what we asked him to do."


Safety Terreal Bierria

On not having a letdown against Vanderbilt:
"Yesterday we talked about it in practice and everyone has recommitted themselves to having the season we worked all summer for. We don't want to get too high on a pedestal, we want everything to be level."

On the adjustments the defense has made in the second half of the last two games:
"That is coaching. When we go in at halftime and make adjustments the coaches come out and see what the other team is hurting us on and that is all coaching to make the adjustments at halftime."

General comments on Vanderbilt:
"They are a good team and they are not to be underestimated. They played Alabama and Auburn to the wire. If we go out and think we can just go on the field and show up and win then it is not going to happen. We have to come out and execute and perform. They have some good players. Two years ago they stunned us (in the first half) and we don't want that to happen again."

Tight end Randy McMichael

On not having a letdown against Vanderbilt:
"That is one thing is we can't be satisfied with just beating Tennessee. We have to want to beat Vanderbilt, Florida, Auburn, everybody and that is the main thing is we have to have more determination and not let this be the only big victory for the season."

Thoughts on Vanderbilt: 
"Vanderbilt is a very well-coached team. They are very disciplined and they are very physical and that's something a lot of people don't know. I've played against them two years and that is without a doubt one of the hardest games that you play ... Last time we went there it was unbelievable how they jumped on us. They made us work for it and I think if we go up there with the same mentality as two years ago then they might get us, but if we go up there with the mentality that we are not going to overlook this team then we are going to win."

Quarterback David Greene

On being named the SEC's Offensive Player of the Week:
"I heard about it last night. It's not something that you expect to get. I really did not know they even did that but I will take it. It is neat."

On being motivated to play Vanderbilt: 
"I really do not think it is going to be that hard. Vanderbilt has a really good team. They hung in there with Alabama and Auburn really close. We need to have a good week of practice."

We expect they are going to bring some blitzes and hopefully that will leave some matchups on the corner and hopefully we will be able to get the ball in Damien (Gary) and Terrence (Edwards') hands."

David Greene
Quarterback David Greene

Offensive Tackle Jon Stinchcomb

Thoughts on playing Vanderbilt:
"I think we have to learn from history. If you look at the past few games we have had against Vanderbilt I think you can gain a lot of respect for the games they have played against us and their worth in the SEC. I don't think anybody on this team is going to look past them. We are just going to try and work hard and focus on Vanderbilt."

"They have a good defense and we are really going to have to play a solid game as an offense to be successful and accomplish some of the goals we have as an offense. We just need to go into the game with a strong mind and ready to play a football game."

On quarterback David Greene: 
"I don't think he ever ceases to surprise or amaze me. He has just unbelievable maturity and strength for this offense and so I am really glad to be able to play with him."

J Stinchcomb(Dean Legge)
Offensive Tackle Jon Stinchcomb

Defensive End Bruce Adrine

On getting up to play Vanderbilt:
"Our coaches will not let us get down. Our practices are so intense. We are going to practice the same for Vanderbilt as we did for Tennessee. Tennessee was a big win for the program but it still counts as the same for Vanderbilt. They are both SEC games and they are both critical to our success."

On the play of the defense:
"(Defensive coordinator Brian) VanGorder still got on us about finishing the drill. We allowed a touchdown in the fourth quarter late against Tennessee when our offense gave it to us with a 20-17 lead. That was our perfect chance to step up and not let them score and we let them score so we didn't finish the drill."

"We try not to bend at all. We want to shut people out. We feel like we can stop every play. W

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