How they scored

Georgia/Auburn gameline in the Bulldog's 26-7 domination of the visiting Tigers.

Georgia moved the ball, but stymied itself with three penalties for 25 yards on one drive. Auburn's offense was fairly open but couldn't get anything going, and Odell Thurman had a good quarter on defense, coming up with two big pops on one punt-forcing drive. Georgia ended the quarter with a nice trip, but faced a 3rd-and-goal at the one as time expired.

Key stat: The Bulldogs ran three times as many as Auburn (21-7) and 7.4 times as many yards in offense (119-16).

G: Billy Bennett 47 field goal, 5:23. Drive: 13 plays, 36 yards, 7:26. Key plays: Reggie Brown 17 on first-play end around; Fred Gibson 10 pass from David Greene; Georgia holding penalty; Brown 21 on sideline pass from Greene; Cooper minus 2 run; Georgia holding penalty on Greene run; Greene recovers high shotgun snap for loss of three; Greene sacked for 11-yard loss.

Georgia 3, Auburn 0 


And the red zone woes continued with a bad Greene pass - on an interesting call out of a unique formation - from the one that was almost intercepted in the end zone. Not that it mattered as Auburn mustered only its second first down of the game more than halfway through the quarter. The Tigers offered some interesting time management at the end before trying a 59-yard field goal that was short.

Key stat: Auburn's run-oriented offense ran the ball only eight times - for nine yards, while Jason Campbell tried twice as many passes, his 16 attempts more than his total for two games and only two short of his total in three others.

G: Bennett 18 field goal, 14:51. Key plays: Michael Johnson catches back-to-back passes for 27 yards; Johnson 24 pass from Greene on 3rd-and-7.

Georgia 6, Auburn 0

G: Michael Johnson 19 pass from Greene (Bennett kick), 7:54. Drive: 3 plays, 59 yards, 34 seconds. Key plays: Gibson 40 pass from Johnson on first play.

Georgia 13, Auburn 0 


Auburn's offense showed some life after taking over at Georgia's 48 only to miss a field goal. The Bulldogs all but finished Auburn off by taking over and going 80 yards for a score. The defense, keyed by a Greg Blue stick on an incomplete pass, continued to dominate.

Key stat: Georgia, the second-most penalized team in the SEC, got through the third with only one flag for eight yards.

G: Kregg Lumpkin 16 run (kick failed), 5:06. Drive: 12 plays, 80 yards, 5:30. Key plays: Mario Raley 16 pass from Greene; Cooper 10 run; Lumpkin 19 yards on three straight runs; Ben Watson 20 pass from Greene on 3rd-and-8; Greene loses 11 on sack.

Georgia 19, Auburn 0 


G: Odell Thurman 99 interception return (Bennett kick), 11:07. Drive: none.Key plays: Auburn seven-play drive goes from its 37 to Georgia's 2, thanks in part to a late-hit penalty on a 26-yard gain.

Georgia 26, Auburn 0.

A: Campbell 6 run (John Vaughn kick), 3:13. Drive: 10 plays, 59 yards, 4:18. Key plays: Anthony Mix 28 pass from Campbell on first play; Cooper Wallace 10 pass from Campbell; Campbell 2 run on 3rd-and-1.

Georgia 26, Auburn 7

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