Catching up With Georgia Commitment A.J. Bryant

Georgia commitment <b>A.J. Bryant</b> has lead his Peach County Trojans to a 9-1 record and a #1 ranking in GA Class-AAA. Bryant also gets it done in the classroom and that has enabled him to enroll at UGA in mid-December. What are his thoughts about getting to Athens early, and who is he trying to bring with him?

"I plan to get there a few days after December 17th. I'm really looking forward to going through bowl practice with the team and all," said A.J. Bryant. "The main thing is just interacting with my new teammates, and building relationships though."

Has Bryant been actively recruiting other guys to Athens?

"Oh yeah. I've been working on Demiko Goodman and Calvin Johnson. I also know Michael Grant pretty well, so I'm just trying to help out."

What has he told those guys about Georgia?

"I saw Demiko in Athens for the Auburn game. He's been up there just about every time I have, and we get along well. I asked him about committing to us, and he said he's been thinking about it a little. With Calvin, I don't know him all that well. I saw him at a camp and told him that I wanted him to come with me and win a National Title at Georgia. He just said that he wasn't sure yet, and he didn't really know what to do. I have his number, but we haven't talked on the phone yet. As for Michael, me, him, and Demiko all know each other from track. He likes Georgia, and I saw him speaking with the track coach up there, so it seems to be going good for him."

Who else did he see at the Georgia/Auburn game?

"I talked to guys like Seth Watts, Charles Johnson, and Thomas Brown. All of them were coming up and asking if it was true that I was coming early, and I told them yes. Me and Seth had a long talk about how his season was going, and how well they were playing and stuff. I just think I'm going to have some pretty cool guys to play with. They are all very talented, and they seem real nice."

A.J. Bryant is one of the genuinely good guys in the class of 2004. His Trojans battle Westover at home, this Friday night.

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