It was ugly at times but Felton gets 1st win

ATHENS - It was not easy nor was it an attractive thing to see, but Dennis Felton got his first win as basketball coach tonight. Dean Legge Grades the Dawgs' performance in Felton's first game.

The Bulldog's 78-67 win looked like it was going to be a blow out at the end of one half. But Georgia had to battle Kevin Martin's 44 points and problems with cramping in order to hold on for a win.

"I don't expect to allow a player to get 30 points never-the-less 44," said Dennis Felton. "He can play but I am disappointed that we allowed him to score that much."

Cramping made seniors Rashad Wright and Chris Daniels miss much of the 2nd half. Wright presence was particularly missed because of Georgia's inability to effectively run the offense in the 2nd half.

"I don't know what to say about the cramping. Its something that we would like to avoid," said Felton.

Felton has said that he wants Georgia to get the ball inside to post players and for the Dawgs to run their offense from that point. The problem for Georgia is that when Wright and Daniels left the game the Dawgs moved away from what Felton hoped to accomplish.

"We need to become more relentless about posting up," said Felton. Georgia was also forced to use Damien Wilkins as its one-guard for much of the 2nd half.

The Bulldog offense was clicking in the first half. They managed 22 of 36 points in the paint in the first half. But in the 2nd half the Dawgs shot more jumpers; something that they were not very successful doing and something that is counter to what Felton wants from his offense.

Still, Wright's departure from the game was probably the number one reason for Georgia's sloppy play. When he went out Western Carolina made its run and Georgia's offense became scattered.

Grading the Dawgs:

Offense – When Georgia gets the ball into its post players their offense is more efficient. It is difficult for any team to rely on jumpers to win games; let alone a team that is not a jump shooting team. Georgia did score when they needed to and that won them the game but at some points it seemed like they were forcing shots and the offense was not smooth.


Defense – Any time that one player scores 44 points, the 3rd most ever against a Georgia team at The Coliseum, the defense has failed to a certain extent. But Martin was the only player that scored in double figures. The next closest WCU had seven points.


Overall – Georgia can't have any injuries or foul trouble in the future if they going to have a winning season. Damien Wilkins and Levi Stukes both fouled out of the game and Rashad Wright and Chris Daniels both had problems with cramping. Neither of those things can continue if Georgia's season will be a success. Playing without any depth is one thing but playing without any depth and without 4 of your starters is another. Still, a win is a win.


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