Fearless Southern Bowl predictions

The SEC is trying to figure the bowl picture out as the Big East is a mess. The ACC has its BCS team but nothing more.


Now that Florida State has nailed down another BCS birth the rest of the ACC is left to scramble like crazy to get their positions in gear. Georgia Tech needs a win over either Virginia or Georgia to get themselves out of playing in the Humanitarian Bowl. Right now the winner of the Tech-Virginia game goes to the Tangerine Bowl. The loser ends up in Boise( if Virginia grabs another win). Clemson, NC State, and Maryland are all in the same boat. No, Clemson has beaten neither team but they could jump both and get to the Gator. That is not likely, however, with a win over South Carolina the Tigers will probably end up in Atlanta if NC State beats Maryland. The Peach is not and heavy after the Tigers right now. Should the Turtles knock off NC State then the Wolfpack could end up in the Tire Bowl. But they will likely fall not farther than the Peach.

If Georgia wins the SEC title then FSU will likely be sent packing to Arizona for the Fiesta. The BCS would love a Miami-Georgia match up but not another FSU-Georgia matchup.

Big East

The winner of the Miami-Pitt game will probably go to the BCS. Virginia Tech might end up in the Insight Bowl when it is all said and done; the same goes for Miami and Pitt. The Big East is a mess; it could be that none of these teams actually deserve a BCS bid when this whole thing is done.


Still the most complicated situation, as always, the SEC is difficult to predict because of its championship game. If LSU wins out then they go to the BCS no matter what. The same goes for Tennessee and Georgia. Florida needs Tennessee to lose against Vandy or Kentucky to get into the BCS mix as they are virtually eliminated as far as the title race is concerned if the Dawgs and Vols win out. Should Georgia lose to Kentucky, however, Florida will go to Atlanta for the SEC title game with either LSU or Ole Miss; but that it not likely.

The Rebels will likely end up in the Cotton if they lose to LSU no matter if they beat State or not to end the season. The winner of this week's Ole Miss-LSU game will no worse than the Cotton or Citrus. Auburn will end up in either the Independence or in the Music City Bowl, whichever is worse. Arkansas probably deserves better but they will get the Independence because the Music City won't want them two seasons in a row. South Carolina needs a win in their final game to even become bowl eligible. I doubt that will happen but if it does they will wind up in the Houston Bowl; nothing says you've made it like the Houston Bowl. Kentucky must beat both Georgia and Tennessee to get into a bowl.

Georgia and Tennessee could grab an at-large BCS spot if they win out and Texas screws up and loses one of their final games to Texas Tech or Texas A&M. TCU's loss help their cause but if the Dawgs and Vols want in then they will have to beat the Tigers to get there.

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