How they scored

UGA's offense followed its scoring drive with a wretched possession capped by a delay on fourth down at its four.


UGA's offense followed its scoring drive with a wretch possession capped by a delay on fourth down at its four. Kentucky was sharp early then stalled with an ugly trip, too. The Bulldogs' offense, though, showed that might be in for a decent day with a 14-play scoring drive that ended in the second quarter.

Key stat: The two starting quarterbacks teamed to go 7 of 9 for 144 yards


G: Michael Cooper 10 run (Billy Bennett kick), 13:45. Drive: 5 plays, 76 yards, 1:15. Key plays: Michael Johnson 11 pass from David Greene on first play; Fred Gibson 41 pass from Greene.

Georgia 7, Kentucky 0

K: Jared Lorenzen 1 run (Taylor Begley kick), 7:34. Drive: 12 plays, 70 yards, 6:11. Key plays: Arliss Beach powerful 26 run, plus five for Georgia facemask; Chris Bernard 18 pass from Lorenzen on 3rd-and-7; Tommy Cook 10 pass from Lorenzen on 3rd-and-12; Bernard 7 run on fake field goal on 4th-and-2.

Georgia 7, Kentucky 7


Kentucky kept plugging along, getting a first down then having a drive fizzle. Georgia was a little inconsistent on offense until yet another long three-point drive to end the half with momentum.

Key stat: Kentucky and Georgia combined for 40 plays in the quarter for 164 yards.


G: Jeremy Thomas 1 run (Bennett kick), 13:03. Drive: 14 plays, 88 yards, 5:00. Key plays: Reggie Brown 11 pass from Greene on slant; Kregg Lumpkin hard 15 up the middle; Tyson Browning 25 pass from Greene; Greene keep for 3 on 3rd-and-1; Thomas 3 on 3rd-and-1 from the 4.

Georgia 14, Kentucky 7

G: Bennett 29 field goal, 0:00. Drive: 13 plays, 54 yards, 2:46. Key plays: Damien Gary 17 pass from Greene on 3rd-and-9; Gibson 9 pass from Greene; Thomas 2 on 3rd-and-1; Cooper 4 on 4th-and-1; Cooper 11 pass from Greene.

Georgia 17, Kentucky 7


UK pulled off another nice fake and got three out of it. Both teams gave up some sacks to stall ensuing drive, but the Bulldogs reeled off another long scoring trip for three more. A Wildcat three-and-punt was a sign the UK offense was pretty much done.

Key stat: Lorenzen, 11 of 12 at the half, completed 5 of 11 for 11 yards.

K: Begley 48 field goal, 10:34. Drive: 12 plays, 42 yards, 4:26. Key plays: UGA offsides on 3rd-and-5; Tommy Cook 14 on 4th-and-4 fake punt; Lorenzen 9 run.

Georgia 17, Kentucky 10

G: Bennett 29 field goal, 3:50. Drive: 11 plays, 68 yards, 3:00. Key plays: Michael Johnson 24 pass from Greene after 10-yard loss on sack; Gibson 16 pass from Greene on slant; Cooper 12 pass from Greene over the middle; Browning 9 run.


Bennett's field goal early cinched it as the Wildcat offense managed only two first downs in the quarter and the Bulldogs remained in control on both sides.

Key stat: Ronnie Powell did all his offensive damage — 10 carries, 66 yards, one touchdown — in the final 5:56 of the game.

G: Bennett 33 field goal, 13:30. Drive: 11 plays, 54 yards, 4:03. Key plays: Lumpkin 24 pass from Greene on 3rd-and-17 screen; Gibson 16 pass from Greene; Browning 9 pass from Greene; Thomas 4 run on 3rd-and-1; Gibson 8 pass from Greene.

Georgia 23, Kentucky 10

G: Ronnie Powell, 8 run (Bennett kick). Drive: 3 plays, 46 yards, 1:02.

Key plays: Powell 37 run on second play.

Georgia 30, Kentucky 10

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