Georgia beats UK: a view from the sidelines

A view from the sidelines on an emotional final home game for Vince Dooley.

Georgia great Herschel Walker was not allowed to stay on the sideline after he completed his honorary captain duties at midfield. There was a mob of people and well wishers that wanted to take pictures with him; including members of the media.

However, Walker was taken straight from midfield to the press elevators and out of the madhouse and away from the media crush that followed him.


Before Kentucky successfully converted a fake field goal to move the offense within scoring position there was no way to tell that the Cats would not be kicking a field goal. There was no sideline chatter and nothing that indicated to me (and obviously Georgia) that a fake was on.


Georgia's Sports Medicine staff kept reminding player to drink water while on the sideline. "Drink up!" they screamed. The temperature was a near record for late November; 68 degrees.


UGA VI wore a black jersey for the first time ever this Saturday against Kentucky. He has never worn a black jersey in his history on the sideline. But the jersey was not made this week. In fact the black jersey that was worn by UGA VI was originally meant to be worn by his father UGA V.

When Jim Donnan took the reigns as Georgia head football coach he had some black jerseys prepared for his team to play in. When the Seiler family was told that, they went out and had black jersey professionally made. Donnan never lead the Dawgs onto the field in all black so Saturday was the first chance that UGA VI got to wear the jersey.

According to Seiler, whatever color besides white and red that the team comes out in, UGA VI will come out in. Besides black the only other color that I could think of that UGA would wear would be some sort of silver top; but that is highly unlikely.

The jersey was black with red and white trim and the letter "G" was red instead of the traditional black "G" on UGA's chest. The Seiler family keeps all of the jerseys that all of the UGA line of Dawgs has worn over the years. I asked how many they had and Seiler responded: "I have no idea."


One Georgia native, Kentucky's Vincent Burns, was particularly vocal Saturday. It seemed whenever Kentucky made any sort of play he was in the face or talking to the closest Georgia player.


Larry Munson continuously referred to Kentucky's Jared Lorenzen as "Godzilla". Munson said during the game: "I can't believe that this is the last time that we are going to play Godzilla."


Billy Bennett got a loud cheer from the South endzone crowd after coming off of the field following his record breaking kick.


The South stands also got a treat as Athletic Director Vince Dooley made his way down to field level during the end of the football game. It took Dooley nearly 12 minutes to make it from the top of the stairs down to the grass of Sanford Stadium.

From that point forward Dooley spent his time being flattered by supporters and well wishers. The lens of almost every photographer was pointed towards his face. Dooley kept insisting that the picture takers were missing the game. "There's a football game going on here!" he said. "Your going to get run over if you don't watch out," he added.

He kept pointing at the field as Georgia moved the ball down the field and scored one last touchdown under the Sanford lights while he was on the clock as Georgia's AD. He celebrated that final touchdown by raising his right arm.


Contrary to popular belief, the black paint on the "G" in the middle of the field was not done for Vince Dooley (as least that is the "official" word). The field crew will be using a different type of black paint from now on. This paint will not harm the turf or cause it to die like has occurred in the past. Expect the black "G" to be on the field next season as well.

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