Catching up with Blazing WR

Oakland, CA prospect, <b>Kenny O'Neal</b> was scheduled to visit the Georgia Bulldogs last weekend but cancelled at the last minute. Why the change?

"We had a game, and it was going to be a really late flight," said Kenny O'Neal. "Also, our team did an interview with a television show after the game, and I didn't want to miss that. I'm definitely going to reschedule the visit, I just don't know when." O'Neal said.

Who leads for the star wide receiver right now?

"I like Florida, Texas, Oregon, USC, and Georgia. Florida and USC are probably ahead right now."

The last time we spoke with Kenny, South Carolina was a member of his top 5. What has changed?

"Well, they're just not doing well this season. They have great talent and great coaches, but my other schools are doing a lot better."

Can the Dawgs, Ducks, and Horns catch the Gators and Trojans?

"Oh yeah. I have to visit those places first, and Texas and Georgia havn't offered me yet."

How often does Georgia talk to O'Neal?

"They've been talking to me a bunch since a few weeks back, and that's why they're in my top 5. Coach Rucker called me this week. They just want me to come visit, and then they'll offer me. They're really close to getting back in it with my top 2."

Is Kenny leaning towards staying on the west coast, or coming back east?

"It's 50/50 right now. I don't know whatsoever."

How did Kenny's game on Friday night go?

"I had triple coverage on me. They were using a corner, a safety, and a linebacker to guard me. I still had 4 catches and a touchdown. Our second string tailback had like 225yds on 9 carries because no one was left to tackle him. We won 42-6, but they took the starters out early."

Skyline High will play Oakland Tech on December 6th for the section championship at the L.A. Coliseum. When the teams met earlier this year, the game was cancelled at the half due to numerous fights in the stands. Skyline was leading 35-13 at the time.

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