Stud Receiver ready to set visits?

Standout wide receiver <b>Calvin Johnson</b> unfortunately saw his season come to an end last Friday night in one of the biggest upsets in the first round of the GA State playoffs. Will he now begin to focus on recruiting?

"I might visit some places soon. I still like Georgia and Georgia Tech. Maybe Notre Dame also," Johnson said.

Is Calvin headed anywhere this weekend?

"I may go to Georgia Tech/Georgia for an official. Just to see two of my favorites play and all. I'll be a neutral guy."

Will the outcome play a factor in his decision?

"Not really. That isn't what I'm looking at."

What are his feelings on the coaches of the respective schools?

"Coach Nix is recruiting me for Georgia Tech, and Coach Garner is recruiting me for Georgia. I like both of them the same. I like Coach Richt and Coach Gailey the same too."

With the coaches perceived as equal, could it come down to Johnson's desire to be an engineer?

"I still want to be an engineer. But, I just got some information on UGA engineering and it's better than a lot of people think."

Is there any factor that would give the Jackets an advantage over the Dawgs, or vice versa?

"GT is only 20 minutes away, and Georgia is further. That's maybe an advantage."

Johnson is currently trying to set an official visit date with Tech for the middle of December. He has yet to discuss dates with the Georgia coaching staff to this point.

To the fans, the UGA/GT rivalry is simply known as just "Good Old Fashioned Hate." While it may be fought on the field this coming weekend, it will also be fought in the home, and on the phone of Calvin Johnson this offseason. The battle for his signature could be waged to the bitter end, and TheInsiders will keep you up to date on every change that occurs between now and signing day.

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