Fearless Southern Bowl predictions

The ACC is making life a little easier than normal by already picking thier bowls. But not to worry both the Big East and SEC have lots of different scenarios.

With the ACC's bowl situation all but figured out a mess still remains in the Big East and the SEC.

I told you last week that the Peach was hot a heavy after Clemson. After an executive meeting on Monday night the Peach Bowl Committee decided that it would be in the best interest of the bowl game to invite the Tigers. There was a decent chance that NC State could have slipped into the Peach but now they are destined for the Tangerine Bowl in Orlando. Virginia's win over Georgia Tech means that they will be playing in Continental Tire in Charlotte. No matter Tech's outcome with Georgia they are destined to visit the blue field in Boise.

NC State's trip to Orlando means that it will play in that bowl for the 2nd time in 3 seasons. The Hokies' third loss of the season put them out of the Big East race for good and means that a New Year's bowl is out of the question. Miami could still get into the BCS but they need to beat Pitt in order to do that. If they beat the Panthers and someone other than LSU wins the SEC Miami will play at home in the Orange Bowl. But a rematch in the Orange with Florida State will not happen. One of the two schools will be sent out to Tempe.

The SEC's lower standings are figured out: South Carolina and Kentucky will not go bowling; Auburn will likely end up in the Music City Bowl because they have never played there; and Arkansas needs a big win to get to a New Year's Bowl.

The West is somewhat simple: if LSU wins against the Hogs they will get no worse than the Florida Citrus Bowl. But if they lose and Ole Miss gets to the title game then once again all hell will break loose.

Should LSU win out expect them in the Rose against Michigan. Its not likely that they would play Texas in a bowl for the 2nd straight season so the Fiesta is not likely. The Orange Bowl is possible if Miami or Florida State are there; and of course the Sugar would love to have the homes team but the Tigers need a lot of help to get there.

Tennessee can still get to the BCS but needs Georgia Tech to beat Georgia for that to happen. Without a trip to the SEC title game the Vols could end up as an at large in either the Orange or Fiesta Bowls. If they don't get an at large bid and are still within the SEC bowl chain expect them to go to either the Outback Bowl (where they have never been) or to the Citrus Bowl. The Peach Bowl is out of the question.

Florida is the team that is most wanted by the Peach. A Clemson-Florida game would turn TV sets on and I fully expect that matchup come January 2nd. The only other bowl that I could see the Gators in is a BCS Bowl.

Ole Miss needs to win out in order to keep their BCS chances alive. But should LSU continue to win the Rebels should be prepared to play in the Cotton Bowl. There is some chatter about Ole Miss in the Peach but Dallas is a lot closer to Oxford and the SEC West usually goes to the Cotton.

If Arkansas beats up LSU and Ole Miss goes to the SEC title game then the Hogs could end up as high as the Cotton Bowl. But that is not likely and because they played in the Music City Bowl last season expect Arkansas in the Independence Bowl this season.

Georgia has the clearest path to the SEC Championship game of any of the teams in the East. If the Dawgs don't get a shot to defend their title and Texas loses to Texas A&M (meaning Georgia is 10-2) expect the Dawgs to get an at large to the BCS for an attractive matchup with either Michigan, Miami, or Ohio State in either the Rose, Orange, or Fiesta Bowls.

If Georgia loses in the SEC title game expect them to go to the Citrus Bowl (unless Tennessee is already there). Georgia would have to agree to play Clemson again in the Peach because the SEC East champion is not supposed to fall lower than the Citrus. The Cotton is also possible if it agrees with the Peach about switching Georgia and Ole Miss (but that is also not likely).

Speaking of not likely: there is still a mathematical chance that Georgia could play in the Sugar but they would need tons of things to go their way:

Georgia must beat Georgia Tech

Tennessee must beat Kentucky

Florida must beat Florida State

Georgia must play and beat LSU in the SEC title game

Southern Cal must lose to Oregon State

Georgia must jump Texas (should not be a problem) and Michigan in the BCS standings

That's a lot of things that must go Georgia's way; the least of which is handling its own business against Georgia Tech this weekend in Atlanta.

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