Back from UF/FSU - Prized Corner Names Top 2

<b>Michael Grant</b> is one of the hottest defensive back prospects in the south. He names a Top 2, but does one really lead? We talked with him when he got back from The Swamp.

Stephenson High School picked up a big 2nd round win over Harrison Friday evening, and star DB Michael Grant took a trip on Saturday to check out one of his favorite schools.

"I went to UF/FSU. I rode down there with Josh Johnson and his dad," Grant said.

What were his impressions?

"It was a pretty nice atmosphere. Fans were going crazy and throwing hot dogs at the refs because of some of the calls. It was wild. They were into the game."

Who sits atop his current leader board?

"I like Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Miami, and Arkansas. Georgia and Florida are my leaders."

What has set the Dawgs and Gators apart from the pack?

Georgia: "It's really close to home and I've been to a lot of games there. I know their commitment A.J. Bryant and how hard he works. I want to play with someone like that. We've known each other since we were 13 or 14, and we get along real good. Of course Kregg (Lumpkin), T.J. (Gartrell), and DeMario (Minter) are there as well. I know them good. Also, Coach Richt said I have a chance to compete right away, and he wants me to help out on offense as well. Playing offense really excites me, and that kind of gives Georgia an advantage over Florida because of that."

Florida: "They are losing a couple of DB's, and I could play really early. I like the atmosphere at the stadium, and the coaches. They have a great track program, and I want to do that as well. Track is basically an individual sport though, and it's not the most important thing in my decision. They do have an advantage over Georgia with the track programs thing."

What does Grant bring to the table that he feels sets him apart from his peers?

"Speed man. I can run with any wide receiver. I also have good size with my height and all. I can bring the physical play."

Grant plans to visit all of the schools on his list, but he may pass on a trip to Arkansas, though he hasn't yet decided. Stephenson High School will once again head south this Friday as they take on #1 ranked Camden County in the 3rd round. How does Michael like his chances?

"I think were going to win state. Our defense is playing so well right now, and were really confident. The line has been good all season. It looks nice for us."

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