Weekend thoughts

This was the strangest week in the SEC thus far this season. This conference is by far the most balanced that it has been in years. Home underdogs went 3-2 this weekend, with Georgia and LSU over powering the likes of Vandy and Kentucky on the road.

The SEC East race is wide open; make no mistake about that. Georgia was most certainly the big winner this weekend in the East. By getting past Vandy, the Dawgs have now positioned themselves in first place, along with USC and Florida. Florida and Carolina would win a tiebreak right now against Georgia because of the Dawg's only loss of the season coming against and East team.

Still, Georgia has only one heavy hitting East team remaining on its plate. However, Tennessee, Florida, and South Carolina all must face each other. Florida has the unenviable task of also playing Georgia.

The Gators have the toughest remaining schedule in the East. They still have to beat all three teams around them in the standings. However, only one of those games is a true road game for Florida. Georgia has the "easiest" schedule remaining in the East with the Gators and Kentucky remaining.

South Carolina really shot itself in the foot this weekend. If the Cocks ever had a shot to win the East, it was this season. But now, after the now traditional Carolina collapse against a bad team (see 1984), the Cocks have carved themselves out a brutal stretch where they can make no mistakes if they plan on getting to Atlanta.

I call them like I see them; USC had a real chance, but things have changed a ton after this week. Just think about Carolina and their fans being number one in the East, ALONE, this deep in the season.

But that is all down the toilet now.

Tennessee is still in this race too. But Bama is a huge game for the Vols this week. If they lose the Bama game this weekend, they are out of the SEC race.

Ole Miss stepped up this weekend. Its been over a decade since the Rebels have turned back the Tide. Now Ole Miss steps back into the race for the SEC West. They are chasing the Tigers; at this point in the season, most "experts" had LSU being the Tigers chased.

But now it is the Tigers of Auburn that are being chased in the West. Tubberville does an outstanding job over there in Auburn. He has produced a big win almost every season while at Auburn. He has positioned the Tigers in first place, alone, very deep into the season. Considering all that Auburn lost after last season's seniors left, his coaching has been outstanding.

Come on State; Mississippi State is in a real slump. It makes no sense to me how a SEC team could lose to Troy State. I can even find the words to write about how bad that is.

Kentucky will be a tough opponent for the rest of the season. Either LSU is overrated, which is possible, or Kentucky is making big time strides. I think that the Cats are improving. Yes, they are still in the bottom tier of the conference, but Georgia has better strap the chin straps on tight next weekend, the Cats are not as bad as one might think.

With all of that said; here they are, my weekly SEC rankings. As usual, I really think that the BCS should hire me to pick the teams to play in their bowl games. But for now I am content to provide this audience with these rankings

SEC East:

  1. Florida – disappointing game, not only do the Gators slip in the national polls, they also slip in terms of their intimidation and in this all important poll
  2. Georgia – get ready for Florida, they are ready to pass the crown
  3. Tennessee – Bama will provide a real test, the loser of the game will have fans down their back for the rest of the season.
  4. South Carolina – Arkansas? If you want to be champs, you gotta win this game.
  5. Kentucky – the Cats move up without winning a game
  6. Vandy – I don't think that Vandy can beat UK

SEC West 

  1. Auburn – they have to be, they beat Florida
  2. Ole Miss – I don't know how long that Ole Miss will stay this high, but if they would have just beaten Auburn…. hum
  3. LSU – they should not have struggled against UK if they are as good as advertised.
  4. Bama – slip up against Ole Miss costs them a trip to Atlanta. But on the bright side they can completely ruin the Vols season this weekend; and if I know Bama, that is reason enough for motivation.
  5. Arkansas – a little revenge over Holtz, I like it, but Nutt and company still have a long way to go.
  6. State – wow

SEC rankings 

  1. Auburn – yea, that's right they are number one, at least this week
  2. Florida – everything should be fine in Gainesville right now, Florida State loses by 20, Tennessee seems weak, but then the Gators like to punish themselves against West teams (see 1997 LSU, 1999 Bama, 1999 Bama, 2000 MSU, 2001 Auburn)
  3. Georgia – just beat Florida and things will begin to look real good
  4. Ole Miss – just to for this week I am afraid.
  5. Tennessee – must win game against Bama this weekend
  6. South Carolina – slip up makes Cocks free fall
  7. LSU – it is hard to play at Lexington at night, but Tigers need to start beating team badly now.
  8. Bama – can end the Vols season this week
  9. Arkansas – can they get Auburn in a let down mode this weekend?
  10. Kentucky – these close games have to start turning into wins
  11. Vandy – I don't know about Woody
  12. Troy State – honorary member

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