News and notes from Nashville

Georgia won a 30-14 decision against Vandy Saturday. The weather was not the only thing that was sloppy Saturday afternoon however.

Richt the disciplinarian

Midway through the 4th quarter Arnold Harrison was flagged on a punt return for a personal foul. Although he was hit after the play, he retaliated against a Vandy player and was flagged for the infraction.

When he returned to the sideline there was someone waiting for him, Mark Richt. In a very serious conversation, Richt looked in Harrison's eyes while explaining to him that while the intensity was good, the use of it was not appropriate.

Harrison did not blink the whole time during the one sided conversation. Richt made it very clear that the personal foul was not tolerated.

50 – 50

At the beginning of the game the crowd was a mix of yellow and red. But by the end of the first half, the crow was easily 50% Georgia. The sloppier that the weather was, the more Vandy fans hit the exits. By the end of the game, Georgia's fans were most certainly in the majority.

Greene continues to make good

David Greene's focus during the game was outstanding. He was poised the whole game and did not allow the conditions to get the best of him. What astounds me about Greene is the way that he executes play fakes. Every time that Greene fakes the handoff to a running back it freezes the opposition's linebackers completely. This allows the likes of Fred Gibson and Damien Gary to have a field day in the middle of the field.

Wansley goes the distance

Although it was called back, Tim Wansley provided a spectacular run back Saturday on a punt return. Wansley was positioned in front of Gary on the return, when Vandy's punter punted the ball short, Wansley took the ball and ran with it for about 40 yards. This unique punt return look could give the coaches of other teams something to think about for the rest of the season.

David Greene points out the bad guys (G. Hughes)

Perfect on the opening drive

Greene led Georgia down the field on the opening drive of the ball game to keep the few Vandy fans quiet. The drive, capped off by a Musa Smith touchdown run, was a like a march down the field. Vandy never knew what hit them during the drive.

Too many fumbles

I am not certain if the conditions caused the poor ball management at the end of the game but certainly Georgia needs to do a better job of slamming the door shut on teams by holding on to the ball. Georgia looked sloppy the last half of the fourth quarter in terms of holding onto the ball. With that said, I repeat that the conditions had become awful.


Georgia's Defensive Coordinator is more intense live than he appears on television. VanGorder, the total opposite of Richt in terms of emotion on the sideline, was jumping around in the second half, barking at his defense that they were not running hard enough.

Georgia was clearly dominating the line of scrimmage, but Vandy was slipping Lew Thomas out of the backfield and using him to do damage by catching the ball. VanGorder kept telling his defense to "stay focused" and in the fourth quarter that "this is still a two possession game, we need to stay focused."




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