Georgia LB discusses his Top 5

<b>Jae Thaxton</b> is one of the top linebacker prospects in the south this season. His football season is over, but his recruiting season is just getting warmed up. Thaxton discusses his Final 5.

Jae Thaxton saw his season come to a devastating end last Friday as his Hart County Bulldogs lost a 2nd round playoff game to LaGrange High School.

"It was just extremely tough. We had a bunch of chances to win and we didn't do it. When I think back about my high school football, I'll just remember that we had a chance to win it all. It hurts," Thaxton said.

Jae will now turn his focus to basketball.

"We've started getting ready for the season. Last year we went to the final 4, and hopefully we can make it back. It doesn't interfere with football, because I lift weights all year whether I'm playing basketball or not. It helps keep me in good running shape too."

How are things going with Thaxton on the recruiting front?

"I like Florida State, Georgia, Miami, LSU, and Notre Dame. They are all pretty even, and they have all offered."

What does he like about his favorites?

FSU: "It's near my family down in Bainbridge, GA. It's really more like South Georgia than Florida. I like that." 
UGA: "That's home itself. They have a good program, and play good football." 
MIA: "They always have a great team. Every year they're good." 
LSU: "They have had a good team, and I want to visit and find out more." 
ND: "Just like LSU, I don't know much but I'm going to visit and find out."

Did Jae check out any of the big rivalry games in the south last Saturday?

"I went to Georgia/Georgia Tech. Both teams played good. I fell asleep so I don't know a whole lot. It wasn't just because of that game, I somehow always fall asleep no matter the game. I guess I'm just not a spectator. I need to be doing something."

What were his impressions of the unofficial to Georgia Tech?

"I liked it. They have real nice facilities and stuff. I got to talk to Coach Gailey for a minute, but that was about it. I didn't know much before I went, but overall it was good. Nobody is out of it yet, I just like the other teams better right now."

Thaxton has already set his 5 official visits.

"I had them scheduled before, but I had to shuffle some do to the NCAA deadlines or something like that. I'm going to FSU on December 12th. I'm pretty sure Georgia is December 19th, and I know Notre Dame is on January 23rd. The Miami and LSU visits are sometime in January also, but I don't have my calendar here for the exact dates."

Jae has improved his SAT score from an 860, to a 940. He will choose the school where he feels most comfortable, and he plans to have a decision after his visits.

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