Solid Commitment to Oklahoma?

<b>Ramarcus Brown</b> made a decision to attend Oklahoma a few weeks back. Since then, there have been rumblings about the sureness of that commitment. Are they legitimate?

"I'm done. I don't know why some people keep bringing that up, but of course I'm done. I'm going to Oklahoma," Ramarcus Brown said.

Did Mike Stoopes departure as Sooner Defensive Coordinator concern Ramarcus at all?

"No it didn't at all. I talked to Coach Mike Stoopes when I went out there, and he told me straight up that he was probably leaving for somewhere before the end of the year. I knew it all along. Coach Stoopes will hire another great coach. They will be fine."

Will Brown take any official visits?

"My mom really didn't want me to commit, and she wanted me to keep my options open. I just feel like Oklahoma is the place for me though. I don't want to visit anywhere, but if I do, I will talk to Coach Stoopes first. I could go to Georgia, Florida, or Auburn, but right now I don't plan on it."

Ramarcus seems very solid to Oklahoma, despite his parents urging to take a couple of visits. It will take a big time coup to steal him away from the Sooners, but none of the other schools are about to give up just yet.

"All of the other guys still call the same as they used to. They know I was very favoring Oklahoma before, so they havn't stopped now that I made it official. They just want me to come and visit them, and see what might happen. If I visit, I may change my mind, but I really doubt it. Oklahoma was my dream."

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