Kentucky Game Press Conference Quotes

Read selected quotes from Tuesday's press conference in Athens.

Georgia head football coach Mark Richt:

Opening comments
"We were very happy with the victory last week. Probably more happy with the first half than the second half. The second half got a little sloppy, especially offensively. Looking back on the film we had a little bit of a lack of full-speed effort on the part of a lot of players. We need to readdress how hard we are playing and we need to remind those guys that if they are too tired to play full speed then they need to get out of the game and let their backup play full speed. So we are addressing that and making sure we do not allow these guys to go anything other than full speed in the ballgame."

General comments about Kentucky
"Kentucky is a very dangerous team. They have a couple of quarterbacks who can play. Both of them have done great things. Last week they took LSU to the wire. They just about had them and LSU came back at the very end and made the plays when they had to with just a few seconds on the clock. They are working on a new system too and it seems like their players are beginning to buy into what they are doing and they are coming very close to doing some great things. Last week could have really been a turning-the-corner (point) for them and I'm sure this week they will be looking to do that. We have to be ready to play our best game. We have to continue to improve in all phases of the game or we are not going to get where we want to go in the end."

On Kentucky quarterbacks Jared Lorenzen and Shane Boyd
"He is amazing. He moves well. You can't hardly take him down (because) he is strong. He has a strong arm, a quick release, accuracy and he is a fierce competitor. Boyd is a little better athlete. He can probably hurt you more running the football and so you have to keep that in mind when you rush him. If he breaks containment then he can really hurt you."

On the developments in the SEC over the past weekend
"I've said it before that nothing really surprises me because there are a lot of good teams in the league. This whole conference is really up for grabs."

On whether Florida and South Carolina losing had an effect on Georgia's players "That might have excited them but I think the players and the coaches felt like our goals were still intact even if those things didn't happen. We didn't have complete control over our destiny and we still don't, but we still have the hope of being able to become a champion if we keep playing well and keep winning."

On Florida losing to Auburn
"I don't know if that was a good or a bad thing. They have two weeks to get mad about it and get well and we are the first thing they will see after the loss and so I do not know if that was a good thing or not for us."

On his impression of the team halfway through the season "I think overall I like the unity of the team. I like the fact that these guys are willing to work hard and they seem to like each other and they will fight for each other and they are overall a very coachable bunch of guys, who are eager to try to do what we are asking them to do. We just have to help them get there and help them create good habits in practice that will help them do well in the game."

On Will Witherspoon and how his injury is progressing
"He moved around, but he got a little sore this morning. He swelled more than we hoped but I think he is going to get bits and pieces of practice today. He won't go the full couple hours, but (Defensive Coordinator Brian VanGorder) is going to try to slide him in there a little bit of every drill to try and get him back ready to go. He is still probable to play."

On Musa Smith missing this week's game with a hip injury
"We think this rest will help him. We don't think it is fair to him or to us to have him playing less than full speed out there. He has been good for a quarter or two and then halftime tends to make it tough on him. You sit around for 20 minutes and try to warm up again and it just hasn't been doing well (for him) and so we have to get him healthy."

Player Quotes:

David Pollack, defensive tackle
"It doesn't matter which quarterback (Shane Boyd or Jared Lorenzen) plays for Kentucky on Saturday because we know that they both have strong arms and that Kentucky always does a good job with their passing game. Kentucky really stuck in there against LSU and even though they didn't win I'm sure they gained a lot of confidence because of how they played. We will approach this game just like we do all of them. The coaches will come up with a game plan and we will play the best game we can."

Jon Stinchcomb, offensive tackle
"Kentucky gave LSU a heck of a time, so we know they will come in here and get after us. We will have to go into the game well prepared and be ready for a war."

Verron Haynes, running back
"A reporter told me Kentucky was last in the league in defense and he wanted to know how we would look at that. My answer was that Kentucky is an SEC team so we have to go out and play a complete game for 60 minutes. That doesn't change because of a team's record or their stats. With the SEC as topsy-turvy as it's been, any team can beat any other team. We will have to come out focused and play hard."

Kevin Breedlove, offensive guard
"Kentucky has a tough team. Every year, they have a good offense and they're strong on offense again this year. Defensively, I think they'll put a lot of people in the box and do a lot of blitzing. We've got to be ready to play hard. This game is very important to us."

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