Committed to FSU, or is he?

Big OL <b>Courtney Abbott</b> gave a pledge to the Florida State Seminoles back in October. Is he still committed? Is he even sure himself? Ryan Jordan gets "the skinny" on this 330 pound man-child.

"I'm still committed. My mom is handling my recruiting, and she told me that FSU was the best situation for me. If she came in today and told me to go somewhere else, I would do that too. This is her decision," Courtney Abbott said.

Will Courtney take any other official visits?

"I've been to Florida State, Virginia, and Kentucky already for official visits. I have two left, and I'll probably go to Georgia and LSU. My mom is going with me this time, so she can see what they're about, because she is making the decision."

Which official visit did Abbott enjoy the most?

"Kentucky was the best visit for me. The fans were great. They were struggling, and yet they were still behind the team all the way.

This is not the first time Courtney's mom has been heavily involved with a big decision in his life.

"When I started high school, I really wanted to go Banneker or Lovejoy. My mom thought I should go to Westlake, and so that's where I went. It couldn't have turned out better, and that's why I trust her. I live with my grandmother, and my mom lives in Jonesboro. She comes to see me everyday after work, and she talks to the coaches on my in-home visits. She loves football."

So far, Coach Garner from Georgia, Coach Allen from FSU, and Coach Thomas from LSU have been by his house for a chat. What did he think?

"I thought Georgia and LSU had the most impressive visit. My mother was really surprised. I could just see the look on her face." (Courtney asked his mom while we were talking, which school she thought had had the best visit? She said FSU.)

Despite his commitment to the Noles, it was extremely apparent in talking to him, that Courtney is still heavily interested in the Dawgs and the Bayou Bengals as well.

"Georgia was the first school to recruit me. In fact, I almost committed to them in the 11th grade. I know I can play early, and I love their facilities and the new locker room they're getting. It's something I'm really going to have to think over. I need to talk to Coach Callaway and just see what his plan would be for me. They have already shown that they aren't afraid to start a lot of freshmen."

"LSU really had the best game atmosphere of any place I've been. I went out there for their game against Georgia, and I just saw crazy stuff. Grown men running around in actual Tiger suits, complete with the tail and all. I love the town. I just like the state of Louisiana, period."

If Abbott didn't already feel enough pressure from the Bulldog coaches to go to Georgia, he catches it even worse every day at school.

"Me and Mike (Brown) talk about going to the same school every day. He is committed to Georgia, and he's always saying little things about them, and telling me to come join him. I definitely think it would be better to go to a new place with someone you know. It would make the transition a whole lot easier and stuff. He likes to bark at me, and so does my Offensive Line coach, Rusty Beadles. He played at Georgia, and I thought he was going to get me and Mike killed when we went on our visit to Baton Rouge and he started barking like crazy when they scored that late touchdown," Abbott laughed.

Courtney went on to say that FSU, LSU, and Georgia were all equal in his mind. However, the Noles have won the favor of his mother to this point, and that appears to be the most important thing they could have done in order to land Mr. Abbott.

He will visit UGA and LSU sometime in the month of January.

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