Peach State Star puts 2 on Top

DB Prospect <b>Michael Grant</b> is starting to entertain coaches from around the south. Are things becoming more clear for him now?

"I like Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Miami. If I had to choose today, it would probably be between Florida and Georgia," Michael Grant said.

Grant had visits from Coach Garner of Georgia, and Coach Hargraves of Miami this week, while reps from Florida and Arkansas will be in his home next week. Which one did he like better?

"I thought Coach Garner was better. I like him alot. He's real laidback, and he talked to us like we were friends."

The Dawgs and Gators have a slight lead, but the 'Canes of Miami will get the first shot to change his mind, when Grant leaves for Coral Gables this afternoon. He is scheduled to trip to Georgia on January 9th, Florida on January 16th, and Tennessee on January 23rd as well. He has not yet decided if he will go to Arkansas.

Not many people knew, but Michael has been playing in pain for quite a while now.

"I broke my hand with 3 weeks left in the regular season. Since I kept playing and decided not to get a cast, they are going to have to re-brake it and then put it in a cast afterwards. They said it would be a 2-3 week recovery."

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