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Sorry to be away, I'm sure everyone missed me and all, but things happen sometimes. While I was gone there was some great football, though, wasn't it?

UCLA is showing they are for real, despite those dainty uniforms; the SEC is (surprise!) wide-open; and Pasadena must be reeling from all of Georgia Tech's hotel cancellations after Big Ralphie came back to town. (I'm sure The Varsity is also reeling after big Ralphie's return to town, but I digress...) I guess you all are still trying to come up with valid counter-arguments to my proof that playoffs suck, so while you continue to work on that we'll cover some random notes, and lay out a real "poll"...

I liked David Carr early in the Heisman race, and still do. But DeShaun Foster has overtaken him now, after running for 300+ on Washington and proving that the Bama game was no fluke. Three hundred yards. Can't win anymore in college with a strong running game, right? And Florida's complete inability to run on Auburn had nothing to do with their upset either, I guess. Whatever... All right, I admit that when I (like everyone else) thought Auburn was too young this year, I had some reservation, due to all that raw talent. But I just completely missed the boat (again like everyone else) on Mississippi State. Their downfall is bewildering. Mark it down though -- they play spoiler the rest of the year and hurt someone's season... Note to TV Execs: how about showing a Washington State game already? It won't kill us to miss a Michigan or Florida State game, for once... Damon Duval is the best kicker I've seen in a long time, with the exception of that freak Janikowski... Penn State fans should tone it down and show coach Paterno some respect.  He's earned it... Best assistant coach of the year?  UCLA's new DC Phil Snow, obviously.  Runner-up? Neil Callaway, who has immediately done wonders with UGA's thin offensive line... Inpatient quarterbacks who transfer/don't sign in fear of not getting immediate jobs never get it.  Time after time, hindsight shows they'd have been better off waiting.  Simms would have never heard boos if he had stayed at the first 'UT' he picked.  And if not him, then A.J. Suggs could be competing instead of sitting in some compter lab at Tech this year.  Meanwhile Nate Hybl and Daniel Cobb are just now sharing time at the position, for their respective teams, when the UGA job would have been wide open for them the middle of last year, had they just showed some patience... Heard Dusty Bonner threw six touchdowns (or something obscene like that) the other day.  What's Mumme doing, bluegrass state?  Selling used cars, or something?... If you get a chance check out the Colorado State QB this year, he makes things happen.  Though unfortunately he looks like Steve Taneyhill with his helmet on...

Finally, my top 15, since the folks voting in polls obviously don't watch college football:

  1. Oklahoma
  2. UCLA
  3. Miami
  4. Nebraska
  5. Virginia Tech
  6. Florida
  7. Texas
  8. Oregon
  9. Fresno State
  10. Washington State
  11. Colorado
  12. Georgia
  13. Tennessee
  14. Maryland
  15. Michigan

Let me know when you come up with a winning argument for playoffs (see last column), and happy tailgatin'.

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