Southern Bowl Predictions

A few rematches highlight the bowl season in the south as LSU tries to win a national title in thier own back yard.

23. Mississippi State

22. South Carolina

21. Wake Forest

20. North Carolina

19. Kentucky

18. Vanderbilt

17. Duke

16. Alabama

15. Georgia Tech – The worst team in the south to qualify for a bowl. Why else would a team be sent to Boise? Only the worst are sent there to suffer after New Year's.

Straight up: Georgia Tech

Points: Tulsa (+8)

14. Auburn – the last we saw from Auburn, the Tiger administration was making an embarrassment of itself. But the football team and its coach will rebound and win in Nashville.

Straight up: Auburn

Points: Auburn (-3)

13. Virginia Tech – Tech should win the game but their program needs some serious change; it's gone down hill.

Straight up: Virginia Tech

Points: Virginia Tech (-2.5)

12. Virginia – Another trip to the Tire Bowl gives the Cavs a chance at a pretty good win over Pitt.

Straight up: Virginia

Points: Virginia (-3)

11. NC State – Phillip Rivers get a chance to go out a winner. Kansas should not provide much of a challenge.

Straight up: NC State

Points: NC State (-11)

10. Arkansas – This could be the SEC's most difficult game to win with the exception of the LSU-Oklahoma game.

Straight up: Arkansas

Points: Missouri (+2)

9. Clemson – This is a winnable game for the Tigers but it depends on which Tennessee team shows up. I think that the one that beat Miami will be returning to the Peach Bowl.

Straight up: Tennessee

Points: Tennessee (-5)

8. Maryland – The Gator Bowl features a rematch of a game played earlier this year. Rematches are boring.

Straight up: Maryland

Points: Maryland (-3)

7. Florida – Their acceptance of the Outback Bowl had the rest of the SEC abuzz for a few days. Florida could lose to Iowa; but probably won't.

Straight up: Florida

Points: Iowa (+3.5)

6. Miami – Rematches are never fair; most of the times they are boring. The rematch in the Orange Bowl means that the Canes and Noles will play one another 3 times in less than 12 games. This rivalry never gets old but it is being over played.

Straight up: Miami

Points: Miami (+2)

5. Ole Miss – A return to the Cotton for Eli's final game. The Rebels will get their 10th win.

Straight up: Ole Miss

Points: Ole Miss (-2)

4. Florida State – The Noles must be pumped about playing Miami again. The problem is that they never seem to beat the Canes in a big game. The Orange Bowl is a big game.

Straight up: Miami

Points: Miami (+2)

3. Tennessee – It's sort of unfair that Tennessee has to play in the Peach Bowl; Florida really should be there. But that's what happens in the crazy world of bowl games.

Straight up: Tennessee

Points: Tennessee (-5)

2. Georgia – Playing in the Capital One has to be somewhat of a disappointment for Georgia considering that they could have gotten into the BCS with a win in the title game. Georgia should win.

Straight up: Georgia

Points: Georgia (-3)

1. LSU – I think that LSU will beat Oklahoma and win at least a share of the national title. The Tigers are the best team in the south and are probably the best team in the nation.

Straight up: LSU

Points: LSU (+6)

Dean's lock of the bowls: Miami (+2) beats Florida State in the Orange Bowl.

Last time: 5 of 8 (63%)

Season: 41 of 68 (60%)

Lock of the week: 5 for 7 (71%)

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