Scoring Summary: Georgia vs. Kentucky


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Georgia struggled with penalties and a turnover — a fumble by quarterback David Greene — more than it was stopped by the Kentucky defense. Georgia was driving at the Kentucky 36 when Greene fumbled when hit by Dennis Johnson.

Key stat: Freshman tailback Mike Gilliam caught two passes for 7 yards in his first action of the season.

Georgia touchdown: Verron Haynes 1 run (Billy Bennett kick), 10:53. Drive: 7 plays, 57 yards, 2:25. Key play: On Georgia's first play from scrimmage, Fred Gibson caught a screen pass for a short gain, and a facemask penalty against Kentucky added 15 yards to the play, moving Georgia to the Kentucky 38.
Georgia 7, Kentucky 3
Kentucky field goal: Seth Hanson 37 kick, 7:18. Drive: 12 plays, 60 yards, 3:35. Key play: Kentucky used a barrage of dump passes to move to the Georgia 20, where on third and 9 Josh Mallard wrapped up quarterback Jared Lorenzen, who managed to thrown the ball away before he was dropped.
With Lorenzen looking to be almost unstoppable with his runs and passes, Kentucky appeared to be on the verge of running away with the game when it scored three touchdowns through the air within a span of four minutes. Georgia recovered with a 68-yard scoring pass to Gibson. The Bulldogs came away with no points after moving 78 yards at the end of the half when a 37-yard field goal attempt by Bennett was wide right.

Key stat: Lorenzen was 8 for 12 passing for 145 yards and three touchdowns in the quarter.
Kentucky 10, Georgia 7
Kentucky touchdown: Derek Smith 10 pass from Lorenzen (Hanson kick), 11:04. Drive: 8 plays, 72 yards, 3:13. Key play: On first and 20 from the Georgia 45, Kentucky lined up with no running backs. Lorenzen passed to tight end Chase Harp, who juggled the ball but held on as safety Jermaine Phillips fell at his feet. Harp ran to the 10-yard line for a gain of 35.
Kentucky 16, Georgia 7
Kentucky touchdown: Aaron Boone 29 pass from Lorenzen (kick blocked by Tim Wansley), 8:53. Drive: 3 plays, 52 yards, :49. Key play: After Lorenzen kept the ball on an option run for 23 yards, he passed to Boone just before he was hit by a blitzing Bruce Adrine. With Phillips chasing, Boone scored easily after catching the ball at his knees.
Kentucky 22, Georgia 7
Kentucky touchdown: Boone 26 pass from Lorenzen (run failed), 7:04. Drive: 3 plays, 51 yards, 1:21. Key play: On an obvious busted assignment by Georgia's defense, Boone was all alone on the Georgia sideline, just a few yards in front of the goal line, when he caught the pass and scored easily.
Kentucky 22, Georgia 14
Georgia touchdown: Gibson 68 pass from Greene (Bennett kick), 5:50. Drive: 3 plays, 80 yards, 1:14. Key play: Streaking down the Kentucky sideline, Gibson beat cornerback Derrick Tatum at the point of the catch and then easily won a race with safety Anthony Wajda for the end zone.
Georgia quickly showed it would keep the momentum it began to take at the end of the first half. Opening with a trick play on the pass by Edwards that set an aggressive pace for the Bulldogs, Georgia outscored the Wildcats 15-7 in the quarter.

Key stat: Kentucky did not have a turnover until Jermaine Phillips' interception of a Lorenzen pass with 1:48 left to play.
Georgia 22, Kentucky 22
Georgia touchdown: Greene 21 run (Greene pass to Randy McMichael), 11:58. Drive: 8 plays, 80 yards, 3:02. Key play: On the first play from the 20, Greene handed to Edwards on a fake reverse. Edwards pulled up and passed to Damien Gary for a gain of 30 yards to the 50. On third and 9 from the 20, Greene stepped up to avoid two blitzing Kentucky defenders and then ran left, using a block from Gibson to score.
Kentucky 29, Georgia 22
Kentucky touchdown: Lorenzen 1 run (Hanson kick), 6:16. Drive: 13 plays, 65 yards, 5:42. Key play: On first and 10 from the Georgia 40, Lorenzen connected with Boone for 18 yards to the 22.
Georgia 29, Kentucky 29
Georgia touchdown: Haynes 1 run (Bennett kick), 3:37. Drive: 7 plays, 52 yards, 2:39. Key plays: Haynes caught a pass for 22 yards and ran for 14 for the two biggest gains of the drive to help set up his touchdown plunge on a second-and-goal from the 1.
An interception by Robert Geathers and a forced fumble — caused by Phillips and recovered by Terreal Bierria — gave the offense the breaks it needed to pull away from Kentucky with two touchdowns.

Key stat: With his 56-yard touchdown catch, Gibson broke Lamar "Racehorse'' Davis' 59-year-old school record for receiving yards in a game.
Georgia 36, Kentucky 29
Georgia touchdown: Gibson 56 pass from Greene (Bennett kick), 14:09. Drive: 2 plays, 60 yards, :41. Key play: Gibson beat cornerback Jeremy Bowie off the line and then caught the pass between Bowie and Quentus Cumby, who was helping on the play. When Bowie and Cumby fell, Gibson was free to run for his second long touchdown of the game.

Georgia 43, Kentucky 29
Georgia touchdown: Haynes 5 pass from Greene (Bennett kick), 10:12. Drive: 6 plays, 82 yards, 2:06. Key play: On first and 10 from the Georgia 35, Greene threw a short screen pass to Haynes, who ran 47 yards behind a wall of blockers down the Georgia sideline before he was finally tackled at the 19.

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