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Georgia won very a very sloppy game on Saturday no thanks to the officials

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Officially ridiculous

Yes, Georgia is one of the most penalized teams in the SEC, but this weekend's officials made some of the worst calls this season. Never mind the personal foul calls that seemed to me to be asking too much of the Georgia defenders to slow up during a play to avoid hitting a Kentucky receiver; who are these officials? I mean are they qualified to be on the field? How many poor spots against Tennessee were there? What about the amount of flags against Arkansas? And of course, we should not forget the phantom clip in the South Carolina game.

The key play of the first half was when Terrence Edwards appeared to have scored on a fade route from David Greene. But at the end of the play, there was a little yellow hanky on the ground.


If you saw the replay on TV or even on the big screen at the stadium, it was obvious that the Kentucky defender did not even turn his body to make a play on the ball. It was one of the worst calls by an official since the poor spots two weeks ago in Knoxville.

The SEC officials need to get their act together now. Georgia had a game stolen from them thanks to incompetence in 1999. That nearly happened again Saturday.

Fast Freddy

Wow. Fred Gibson is a big time player. We all knew that he could return kicks. But this game Fast Freddy took it to another level. Sure, he racked up tremendous yards on returns. But breaking the school receiving record is another level totally.

Gibson is easily the best freshman wide out in the SEC. In fact, he could be one of the best overall receivers in the SEC. He will truly be tested next week against Florida. And according to Charles Odum's article, he can't wait for that.

If Gibson wants to show the rest of the nation that he is the best young talent in the country, he has an opportunity to do that against the Gators. 

Sluggish and sleepy

Not only did Georgia totally fall asleep in the early second quarter, but they did it in a sloppy way. Turnovers once again played a part in Georgia's first half demise. Greene threw and interception and fumbled the ball. Both gave Kentucky an opportunity to score.

In order for Georgia to beat Florida next week, they can NOT go to sleep, and I don't think that they will. One thing that I do think is possible is that Georgia could turn the ball over and have penalties hurt them against the formidable Gators.


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