News and Notes - watch out for parking nightmares

ORLANDO – Capital One Bowl officials are encouraging fans that have parking passes to get to the stadium as soon as possible tomorrow morning.

"It gets to be a madhouse tomorrow at about 11 AM," said one bowl official.

All parking passes for the game have been sold out.

The City of Orlando will have certain streets blocked off tomorrow due to the amount of congestion that surrounds the Citrus Bowl. Please follow the directions on the back of the parking pass that you have to make certain that you are following proper traffic flows.

Speaking of traffic, it continues to be horrid in the greater Orlando area. Expect plenty of delays north and south of the Citrus Bowl itself. Also allow plenty of time to get into the game. There are only four gates, however, they are very large.

Mark Richt's press conference today was shorter than usual because the media had asked practically every question that they needed earlier in the week.

"I guess that everyone has tee times," said Richt.

He was right, many of the members of the press that I spoke with either had tees times or dates with their children arranged for the local theme parks in Orlando.

Speaking of theme parks, Disney World had nearly 60,000 visitors yesterday. That number is not counting Epcot and the other Disney attractions.

I am not aware of the Capital One Bowl being sold out yet. However, there are a lot more Georgia fans in town now rather than earlier in the week.

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