Florida heat concerns coaches

ORLANDO – Its nearly 80 degrees in central Florida and that fact is making coaches concerned about conditioning and heat for tomorrow's Capital One Bowl.

"Time of possession and depth will be an issue tomorrow," said Georgia head coach Mark Richt. "The heat could cause problems also."

Earlier in the week Purdue players were confident that heat would not be an issue for them. But their head coach, Joe Tiller, was concerned about the heat.

"I think that it could be an issue," said Tiller.

Purdue has been in Orlando for a few days longer than Georgia and the Boilermakers seem to think their early arrival will help them tomorrow.

Some Georgia players, like Max Jean-Gilles, have struggled in the heat before. But Georgia players are confident that the heat will not be a factor tomorrow.

Georgia's players, coaches, administration, and cheerleaders will each lunch today at a kickoff luncheon for both teams. Then the team will have an 11 PM curfew tonight before the game.

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