Good quotes from both sides of the Capital One Bowl.

"We've never been in overtime before, so we tried to force it into overtime at the end there and did a good job of that. Scoring average was down and we were trying to get more points and were able to get a few more points. I was hoping a few more overtimes would come to play. And of course, the TV ratings. We were very concerned about them. We wanted people to stay and watch the game as long as possible for our friends at Capital One." Georgia coach Mark Richt, tongue in cheek, on Thursday's game plan.
"We accomplished all of those goals." Richt.

"I was given some misinformation. ... After I went behind the bench and vomited ..."
Purdue coach Joe Tiller, on being told that quarterback Kyle Orton had dislocated the thumb on his throwing hand in the first half.

"If you're a competitive person, it doesn't matter what bowl. It could be the Toilet Bowl. You're still gonna go out there to win." Georgia senior defensive tackle Ken Veal on the game's emotion, marked by plenty of chatter and a few unsportsmanlike and personal foul penalties.

"In the first quarter, they were playing a lot faster than we were. We decided to try and play fast and try and play hard. That's when we started to move the ball little bit." Purdue's Orton on when the Boilermakers started getting back into the game.

"Basically, that fumble, it scarred me. Then when I scored, it's about half and half right now. I'm going to remember both the fumble and the touchdown." Georgia's Kregg Lumpkin on his game-winning touchdown that followed his fumble that led to Purdue's game-tying field goal and overtime.

"I was a little surprised he was running around trying to get extra yards. I was listening to Coach (Richt) talk afterward and he said they were trying to run the clock out. I was thinking I got to make a play." Purdue defensive end Shaun Phillips on the late Kregg Lumpkin fumble, which Phillips caused by punching the ball out from behind Lumpkin.

"Five for five in the red zone. 2004!" Richt, smiling and pumping his fist after hearing about the perfect mark near the goal line.

"Maybe God gives me an extra burst and I catch that ball. ... Every ball is catchable."
Georgia tight end Ben Watson on the pass interference call against Purdue in overtime on a pass intended for him but clearly uncatchable

"We were certainly on the ropes as a football team, and we came off the ropes." Tiller on Purdue's comeback from 24-0.

"Next year, you'll have Shaquille O'Neal. You'll have Leonard Pope and Martrez (Milner) playing tight end. They're two and four inches taller than me." Watson, regarding Tiller's comment that Georgia didn't have Shaquille O'Neal on the roster on that overtime interference call.

"We don't have moral victories at Purdue. We never have, never will. It was a tough loss for us." Tiller (can cut here if want to leave on Phillip sider).

"I would've blamed the whole loss on me. ... I was crying." Lumpkin on his emotions after the fumble and then after the game.

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