Georgia Speedster Sets All 5 Visits

<b>Michael Grant</b> has all 5 of his official visits. He has already taken a trip to Miami, and he talks about the rest of his favorites.

Speedster Michael Grant has begun to take his slate of visits.  What did he think of his first trip to Miami?

"It was alright.  I had a lot of fun.  Just hanging out with the players and meeting the guys you see on t.v. was neat.  I would give it a 7 or 8,"  Grant said.

Where else is Grant headed in these closing weeks?

"I'm going to Georgia on January 9th, Florida on January 16th, Tennessee on January 23rd, and Arkansas on January 30th."

What is he looking for most on his trip to Athens next weekend?

"I already know a lot of the guys at Georgia like Kregg Lumpkin, T.J. Gartrell, DeMario Minter, and guys like that.  I just want to see them, and see how I fit in.  See if I can feel comfortable there."

Who leads for the Stephenson star right now?

"I still like Georgia and Florida.  Tennessee is probably a co-leader now also because I have been talking with them a lot.  They have good coaches and a good track team."

Grant admits to watching all 3 of his favorites heavily throughout this year, and in their bowl games.  Which system does he feel he's best suited for?

"All of them are good, that's why they made my favorites.  But, I really like Georgia's coverages.  They play a lot of man, and a lot of cover 2, and robber.  I like their defense."

Grant plans to make a decision after taking all five visits.

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