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Read these selected quotes from Tuesday's press conference in Athens. Mark Richt, Jon Stinchcomb, Curt McGill, Fred Gibson, Josh Mallard, and Will Witherspoon attended the press conference.

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Georgia head football coach Mark Richt:

On the Kentucky game:
"We got through an exciting one last week. It was a war. They took us to our limit. I was pleased that our players didn't faint in the hole so to speak when we were down 15 points. It was looking kind of bleak. We were looking like we couldn't stop them and we were fumbling it around offensively. Somehow we weathered the storm and at the end our defense got the two turnovers that made the difference in the ball game. Once again, they came through. I was very happy about that. I wasn't happy about why we were down 15 points, but once we got there the guys did a good job."

On the Florida game:
"We're getting for Florida. We know it's a big game. We know it means an awful lot. I'm just trying to make sure that these players realize that all the hype and what the game means and all that really isn't going to help them do their job better. The only thing that's going to make them do their job better is to practice hard and to focus on their job. If they can focus on what they're suppose to do in the ball game, I think the emotions of the game will take care of themselves. I'm trying to talk to the staff about making sure that we don't confuse them and that we get them in position to make plays. Then it's going to be up to them."

"I have a lot of respect for the University of Florida and their program and Coach Spurrier and what he's been able to accomplish. I've probably copied more plays from him than anybody. I'm sure everybody around the country borrows things that they see Florida do offensively because it's good stuff. He's just an outstanding coach. Coach Hoke is doing a great job. He's got the defense playing extremely hard and their talented. One thing I've noticed in watching the tape, besides the speed, they seem to be really sure tacklers. They're doing a super job of tackling. That's something that's sometimes overlooked. You can get guys in position to make plays and if they don't make them, it doesn't matter what you call defensively. Those guys, when they get there, they're getting the ball carriers and receivers on the ground. We're going to have to really work hard to get everything we get."

On the effect of Auburn defeating Florida on Georgia's players: "I don't know what the kids were thinking and if it made any difference at all. We knew that to get where we wanted to go we've got to beat Florida. I don't know if it did a lot to there mindset or not, but either way, whether they won or whether they lost to Auburn we were going to have to beat them to get where we want to go. So I don't know if it made much difference."

On the health of the team:
"(Jon) Stinchcomb is making progress. (Johnathan) Sullivan is making progress. Musa Smith is not making a lot of progress right now. I'd say Musa's doubtful. The other two would be questionable at this point. I've got a feeling they'll (Stinchcomb and Sullivan) get in the game, but I just don't know how effective they'll be and for how long. As you're trying to get healthy, you're missing practice. I hope they're healthy enough to get some quality practice in before the week is out."

Comparing the Georgia-Florida rivalry to Florida State-Florida:
"I know it's a huge game. It's a game that everybody points to in the off season. It's a game where, if you win it, you've got a chance to get to where you want to go and if you lose it, you have to re-evaluate and reset your goals. It's a lot alike. People are very passionate about the game and it has a 365-day ramification one way or another."

On Florida's receivers:
"They're great athletes in a great scheme with a quarterback that can get the ball to them and a coach that is going to attack for the full sixty minutes. There's going to be a lot of stress put on our defense to try to control it. We'd be foolish to say stop it, but try to slow it down a little bit."

On Fred Gibson:
"Fred Gibson is a big play guy. He's proved to be able to make a big play and more than one. He attacks the football and he expects to score. He has the mindset that you want a guy to have. You don't want a guy worried about 'Am I going to make a mistake'. You want a guy who wants the ball and when it's up in the air he's going to go get it and when he gets it he's going to land on his feet and he's going to get in the endzone. That's how he thinks. That's how Randy McMichael thinks. That's how Verron Haynes thinks. We need more guys like that."


Senior center Curt McGill
"It will probably be our biggest challenge of the year since the Tennessee game. I know they have a tremendous front four. They are exceptionally strong, quick and fast and I know they are going to be ready this week to get after us."

Freshman wide receiver Fred Gibson
On if he expects to get more attention from the defense this week: "We have more wide receivers than me. We have Terrence Edwards, LaBrone Mitchell and a lot of other receivers and so they just can't put their focus on me. We are just going to go in with the original game plan to try and make things happen and win the game."

Senior linebacker Will Witherspoon
On whether anything could be drawn from what the Auburn defense did well against Florida's offense: "I think one thing we saw is that they tackled well. They played good, solid defense and that is something that helps a team. And their offense actually performed well for them too, picking up yardage and making big catches and just making plays for them. They really prevented a lot of the big plays from Florida's offense."

On Florida's offense: "They have some good (statistics) and that is because they get a lot of big plays. You have to say they have that ability because they have some great receivers out there who are willing to go out and try and make that big play and any one of them is capable of it. We have to defend against the big play."

On if this game is more important for the seniors: "I think it makes it more important in some senses. It would be nice to go out our last time and to be able to say, 'We beat them'. You want those bragging rights and it is a great feeling to have that. You really can't ask for much more."

"I am expecting a solid, hard-nosed game like it usually is. Everybody is going to be competing, everybody is going to be ready to play and the intensity level is going to be up."

Junior offensive lineman Jon Stinchcomb
On the keys for the Georgia offense: "Being productive as an offense is key for us. If we have the ball we need to do something with it and produce. They are going to have their shots and we just need to be able to execute when we have ours."

On the possibility of not having running back Musa Smith healthy for the game: "That is a tough loss and it is a loss we had to deal with this past week and as an offense you have to turn to some other players to step up and make big plays and that is the mental attitude we have to take going into Saturday."

"To be the best you have to beat the best and in years past I think Florida has definitely proven that they are at the top of the heap."

Senior defensive lineman Josh Mallard
On the keys for the Georgia defense: "Obviously big-play momentum is going to be a factor in this game, but I think more so than that would be mistakes. We can't have any if we are going to win this game.

"A Mistake-free game is the best way to play. We have to hit on all cylinders. We have to have a good pass rush in order to win this game."

On if this game is more important for the seniors: "Obviously we don't want to lose this game. It is our last game against Florida and they have seniors that feel the same way and so it is going to be a dogfight out there Saturday. "Obviously we want to come out on top and in order to do that we have play a mistake-free game, we have to be flying around the ball and we have to tackle well."

On if Georgia's performance against Florida is a measuring stick of how good the Georgia football program is: "A measuring stick, maybe, but they are obviously a team we have to beat in order to get to our goal of the SEC Championship game and our backs are against the walls as well as theirs and so it is going to be a dogfight."

Redshirt freshman quarterback David Greene
"This is a huge game for us. Anytime you play Florida you never have a hard time getting up for the game."

"We couldn't ask for any better setup for both of us. We are both 5-1 going into this game and the SEC East is wide open and that is the kind of stuff you dream of as a kid."

"We know it is a huge game and we need to have a good week of practice and get ourselves ready to play."

"They have a lot of team speed and they tackle really well and they play really well together and they are a solid defensive team."

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