All Even for Top FL Safety?

Sunshine State star <b>Anthony Reddick</b> has one of the most impressive favorite lists of anyone in the south. Who has made the most recent cut for the standout Defensive Back?

"I like Miami, Florida State, Georgia, and Ohio State. All of them are even," Anthony Reddick said.

What does he like about each of his favorites?

Miami: "They are near home and I know a lot of people. Their players play with pride." 
Florida State: "It is a great school with great coaches. They are also near home." 
Georgia: "I can't say because I haven't been there yet. I do know they have a good tradition with DB's in the NFL." 
Ohio State: "My friend Nate Salley is up there, and they are a great team. They treated me good on my visit."

Where is Reddick visiting in the closing weeks before signing day?

"I already went to Ohio State in early December. I'm going to Georgia this weekend, then I'm going to Miami on January 16th, and Florida State on January 23rd."

Reddick has been labeled as a tough guy to get out of Florida. Is that the case in his mind?

"I don't know. I have always been in Florida my whole life. That's why I'm visiting places like Georgia and Ohio State, so I can see if I fit in outside of around here. If I do, I could leave the state."

Reddick plans to take all 4 of his visits before reaching a decision.

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