Wright sets for final go at SEC

The NCAA sent its letter of inquiry on Monday but that did not take away from Georgia's win over Georgia Tech on Saturday. As anyone in the crowd could see the Bulldog's point guard was one of the main reasons why Georgia came out on top.

The game went into two overtimes but Rashad Wright seemed to play the whole game. He has gotten used to that in his tenure at Georgia. One thing that he has not gotten used to is buying into the hype that this Georgia team is going to roll over and play dead just because it is facing adversity.

"We control what we do," said Wright after the win. "We lost to Pitt (last week) because we lost the game; they did not beat us."

Georgia has struggled to have a fluid and productive offense without Wright in the game this season.

"It's difficult to watch the team struggle at any time," said Wright.

Georgia Tech's Paul Hewitt went on and on Saturday after the Georgia win about how he would love to have Wright play for him.

"If they don't want him… I'll take him. I am happy with what I have got but I would take Rashad in a second. He's a winner. He's not talked about much but he is one of the best point guards in the country," said the Tech head coach.

Maybe Wright had something to prove against the Jackets after last season's loss in Atlanta.

"We wanted to go out with a bang," said Wright of the four seniors.

Those four seniors have a chance to go out with a bang indeed; but that all starts this week in the SEC opener tonight against Tennessee.

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